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Enterprise name: shaanxi Ryan energy technology co. LTD

Address: no. 2007, building C, xinjie community, south side, fengcheng district, xi 'an economic development zone

Zip code: 710000

Telephone: 029-68529720

Website: www.sxrany.com

E-mail: 511753823 @qq.com

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Shaanxi ruian energy technology co., ltd. was established in 2015 with a registered capital of 11 million yuan and annual sales of 800 million yuan. Now more than 136 employees, is a collection of product sales, manufacturing, research and development of coal mine production safety solutions, sewage treatment solution development, e-commerce, software development, smart logistics in a large diversified company.

Shaanxi Ryan energy technology co., LTD., is the province of the larger B2B, B2C e-commerce company, with a bachelor degree professionals 83 people, trade personnel 10 people, senior software engineer 12 people, the network and technical personnel 31 people. Main business of the mine equipment have been sold to over 23 provinces, municipality directly under the central government, autonomous regions and special administrative regions, support the xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, sichuan, shanxi, shandong and other large coal mine construction and production and municipal environmental protection construction, etc.

Shaanxi rui energy technology co., LTD. Has maintained a good long-term strategic cooperative relationship with major logistics companies, and logistics covers the whole country, providing customers with high-quality and all-round logistics services. At present, there are 11 service outlets in 10 provincial-level regions in northeast China, east China and east China. Based on this, it will radiate all parts of the country and truly realize the delivery of goods to China, providing the guarantee of logistics distribution for e-commerce transaction mode.

Shaanxi Ryan energy technology co., LTD. Xi 'an branch is a professional engaged in the development of B2B e-commerce platform operation and network marketing services of high-tech enterprises, the company is committed to provide customers with enterprise B2B e-commerce service platform construction and intelligent enterprises.

In recent years, shaanxi Ryan is committed to be of the competitiveness of national information industry group, large-scale intelligent equipment manufacturers, diversification of high and new technology industrial and logistics for the vision, in line with the responsible for the country, socially responsible, responsible for the customer, to the staff responsible for corporate responsibility, solid groundwork, wholeheartedly seeks the development, economic and social benefit are realized. The group successfully passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, the United States to ANAB quality management system certification, the international authoritative certification body SGS certification (China) manufacturing, also gained more than 30 coal mine product country MA security certification and product inspection certificate of quality issued by the shandong province pledges inspect bureau. "Credibility is life, quality is survival." This is the principle of the whole staff of shaanxi province, and it is also the goal of striving forward. The spirit of agglomeration, innovation and development spectrum. In the face of new historical opportunities and challenges, Ryan is full of confidence, and has the responsibility and ability to create better and better products for new and old customers at home and abroad, and provide first-class service quality.


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