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Enterprise name: shaanxi Ryan energy technology co. LTD

Address: no. 2007, building C, xinjie community, south side, fengcheng district, xi 'an economic development zone

Zip code: 710000

Telephone: 029-68529720

Website: www.sxrany.com

E-mail: 511753823 @qq.com

General Managers Speech

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The law returns to spring, vientiane begins to update. On behalf of the company, I would like to extend to you our holiday greetings and best wishes for the New Year. My heartfelt thanks and good wishes to all the family members who have long cared for and supported the company's development.

2017 is the most extraordinary year in the company's development process and the 2nd anniversary of shaanxi ruian energy technology co., LTD. This year, under the correct leadership of the company's unified deployment and, closely around we will speed up the establishment of a new factory, we strive to improve service quality, mainly real-time updates, line network optimization work, adhere to the scientific innovation, harmonious development, to promote production and sales of enterprise sustainable development coordination. This year, the company expanded rapidly, through system reform, implementation (company purpose production link of r&d and sales after-sale link) quality and efficient services by the public's consistent high praise. Company staff unite as one, confidence, grasped the nettle and forge ahead, and actively carry out special activities, competitions and promote safety situation is stable, have made great efforts for the development of the company. The company undertakes the mission of providing "continuous and strong guarantee" for coal production and coal chemical enterprises.

2017 is an important year to fully implement the new development strategy. Standing at a new starting point, we are faced with new opportunities to leap-forward development, shoulder new tasks and carry new expectations. Therefore, we must firmly grasp the economic and social development of the new features and new requirements, summarized earnestly, the careful planning new development plans, grabbing opportunities to accelerate development speed, should improve service quality, steady implementation "results groundwork in one year, two years, three years of big ascension" work objectives, to master and apply concepts and ideas in the new period, to guide our work to carry on the strategic orientation, strengthening the foundation, to serve the entire community.

We will continue to deepen the reform of the development, we realize that the staff is the main body of enterprise development, is to promote enterprise motivation source, we must be sure to face difficulties, unified thought, coagulation hearts meet force, exert the principal role of employees in enterprise production and construction. To be close to the reality, close to life, and close to the staff, we should improve the work and living environment of employees, strengthen the support of logistics service, and pay more attention to employees' physical and mental health. Through carefully observe the wishes and interests of the staff, continue to improve working ways and methods, to make reforms to better, more effectively reflect the vital interests of the employees, increase staff belonging to the enterprise.

The blueprint is exciting, the goal is inspiring, and the mission is glorious. The main task facing us at present is to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 18th CPC national congress, ensure security and promote stability, and do our best to ensure the implementation of the objectives and tasks. All staff to build consensus, fulfill their duties, in order to more progressive state of mind, more practical work style, turn challenges into opportunities, variable pressure, based on new starting point, development innovation, seek common solutions, promote the harmonious development of the company sustained, rapid and sound.

We will work together to create a good cause and write a new chapter in our new era.

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