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The ministry of environmental protection has revealed that some illegal polluters do not invest in environmental protection

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The ministry of environmental protection has revealed that some illegal polluters do not invest in environmental protection

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The ministry of environmental protection has revealed that illegal polluters are not involved in environmental protection.

Environmental groups say the central environmental watchdog is a soul revolution.

In the eyes of companies that are always trying to get green, environmental inspectors are hampering economic development; In the view of the third-party environmental groups, environmental inspectors are "not only a simple 'accountability storm', but also a profound 'soul revolution'."

Coincidentally, today, the ministry of environmental protection and environmental protection group held a press conference, and two press conferences were involved in the issue of environmental protection inspectors.

"Schaeffler 300 billion loss events", director-general of the department of environmental protection eia Cui Shugong public response: "render some directly under the name of environmental protection, environmental protection policy factors increase product prices, this is a kind of disturbing the market behavior." He points out that some illegal polluters are not even green at all.

Schaeffler's government warned about the drama.

From September 18, the schaeffler incident continued to ferment.

First the schaeffler group greater China CEO Zhang Yilin to Shanghai via letter committee, jiading district, the pudong new area government and the government for help, hope for the upstream steel wire cold drawing forging supplier Shanghai world dragon metal wire drawing co., LTD., lenient environmental matters, indulgence for three months, in order to avoid caused by needle breakage for a bigger loss.

In emergency messages, Zhang Yilin said, due to environmental factors, the Shanghai pudong new area of rivers sand town government for our world since September 10, 2017 the implementation of the "electricity production, demolition related production equipment" decision. In the three months, the supply gap of the needle roller is estimated to exceed 1, 500 tons, according to zhang, and the theory will result in more than 3 million production cuts and a loss of 300 billion yuan.

The truth is, the last year, central environmental supervision during the Shanghai inspectors found that world dragon company pickling phosphating process is not only no formalities for examination and approval of eia, and this project has been listed as "obsolete closed class" by the government. As a result, authorities in Shanghai in December and march twice asked companies to stop production. On September 4 this year, Shanghai chuansha new town once again told the Shanghai world dragon metal drawing co., LTD. To stop production immediately. If it does not cooperate, it will take "water cut and power off" measures.

However, the Shanghai dragon metal wire drawing co., LTD., has played down the Shanghai municipal government's warning. Not only that, zhang yilin publicly called the Shanghai municipal government for "help" for the loss of 300 billion yuan.

Schaeffler's threat to blackmail the government led to public criticism.

Regulation of sewage enterprises in accordance with the law is the norm.

In environmental protection at a regular press conference held today, Cui Shugong said that in the past, there are some illegal polluters, slash environmental costs, would not even put into environmental protection, good money after bad COINS, serious damage to the market competition order, hinders the upgrading of the industrial structure.

He said that strict environmental law enforcement, on the one hand, solved the environmental problems of some common people and improved the environmental quality; On the other hand, it also promoted economic restructuring and accelerated the transformation of new and old drivers. "It has become the norm for polluters to be regulated in accordance with the law. All enterprises should adapt to this normal state and develop the habit of consciously observing environmental protection laws and regulations." Cui shuhong said.

As to whether the environmental watchdog has affected economic and social development, has it led to the rise in raw materials? Cui shuhong gave a set of data: "the value of industrial added value in the period from January to August increased by 6.7% year on year compared with the same period last year. In January and August, 9.74 million new jobs were created in urban areas, an increase of 260,000 over the same period last year. The unemployment rate at the end of the second quarter was 3.95 percent, the lowest since 2008. Cui said that in 15 provinces with central environmental protection inspectors this year, the added value of industrial enterprises above the scale increased by 0.95 percent year-on-year. The 16 provinces that did not carry out increased 0.54 per cent year-on-year.

According to his introduction, this year in August 1 - in addition to the cement output fell 0.5%, crude steel, non-ferrous metals, coke, flat glass, cardboard production increased by 5.7% and 4.2% respectively compared to the same, 4.0%, 3.0%, 4.0%, industrial products are not yield to conduct environmental supervision of 15 provinces, crude steel, non-ferrous metals, coke, flat glass, paper and other production growth is still higher than the national level.

Cui pointed out that China's economic and social development has continued to maintain stability, and the trend of steady growth has not changed. Environmental inspectors do not have an impact on the production of major industrial products, nor are they directly responsible for the rise in product prices. He believes that changes in product prices, mainly caused by supply and demand, depend on the overall situation of current economic development, resource endowment and market demand.

Central environmental protection inspector sets a "milestone"

Environmental group clean air today in innovation center and the environmental protection propaganda and education center of the China environment air quality management assessment report (2017) "(hereinafter referred to as the" report ") in the first two group of the central environmental supervision is evaluated.

They believe that environmental supervision from the "qi" to "DuZheng", to strengthen the environmental protection "party and government with responsibility" and "a pair of responsibilities", at the same time pay more attention to public participation and information disclosure, reveals the governance in our country environment problem determination.

According to the report, the central environmental protection inspector is a milestone in the history of environmental law enforcement in China compared with the past, the scope of law enforcement and the length of time.

In the environmental protection organization, started in 2016 the central environmental protection supervision and past compared to the environmental supervision of environmental protection organization, "' check 'and' was' different, reflecting the depth is different, had a central environmental protection supervision can be directly and to be inspector of the province (city, area) party head direct dialogue." According to the report, "the environmental protection of local party committees and governments and their related departments" is the mandatory content of the central environmental protection inspectors in each province (city, district).

The report argues that the first two rounds of central oversight have strengthened oversight. "environmental inspectors are the root of the problem," he said. "it is a fundamental way to address environmental issues and raise awareness of environmental protection." The report argues that the central environmental watchdog is "not only a simple 'accountability storm' but also a profound 'soul revolution'."

Judging from the schaeffler incident, as environmental groups say, central environmental inspectors are not simply a storm of accountability.

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