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Dont ignore the ecological role of small water bodies

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Dont ignore the ecological role of small water bodies

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February 2 is the 22nd world wetlands day, one of the world's most valuable ecosystems. According to the United Nations environment agency's authoritative research data, a hectare of wetland ecosystems is worth up to $14,000 a year, seven times as much as tropical rain forests and 160 times as much as farmland ecosystems. The theme of this year's wetlands day focuses on the urban wetland: the future of sustainable urban development. Today we will focus on the almost forgotten pond, this kind of small water body is a kind of artificial wetland, wetland is the kidney of the earth, if the pond is kidney cells, so the kidney cells can bring to the city? This paper discusses the role and value of ponds in urban ecological construction and sponge city construction, as well as the industry support.

Li jing wu ma-ni.

Since 2017, some areas in the south have begun to renovate small and micro water bodies, and improve the water quality of small ponds and small gully channels in such ways as dredging, decontamination, dismantling and environmental renovation.

These small bodies of water are commonly known as ponds.

The pond bears the memory of people's homesickness, but the pond is too small to be taken seriously. The famous eight water around chang 'an research topic, also only focused on the tang chang 'an city 113 lakes to the present number of sharp decrease, did not pay attention to the pond. Nowadays, urban roads, real estate, pipeline network and other development and construction projects have occupied a large amount of land space, resulting in the shrinking and large number of urban ponds. In the countryside, the pond is also shrinking.

The neglected renal cell.

The disappearance of pond population causes the water ecological chain to break.

Pond has unique natural ecological value, and pond is an important part of wetland system. Wetlands and forests, oceans and the earth's three major ecosystems, the reputation of the earth's kidney. The pond is a kind of artificial wetland, can be called renal cell.

Ponds in the plain area are called reservoirs or waterlogging pools, mostly artificial excavation water. In rural areas, it is mainly used for irrigation, aquaculture and water for villagers. It is mainly used for sightseeing and landscape configuration in cities. Ponds in mountainous and hilly areas are called mountain ponds, mostly in the valley.

The pond is characterized by: small area, generally 10 square meters ~ 20 thousand square meters; Depending on the mountain, lie on the ground, the form is different; Scatter distribution, a large number.

Don't underestimate this small water body, the pond in the water system actually plays an important role in the water system. Water is a whole, it exists in nature in different forms such as rain, surface water, ground water, transpiration water and so on, from heaven to earth, from top to bottom, the three-dimensional existence of water.

As a form of surface water resources, ponds and lakes, rivers, ditches, weirs, libraries and other surface water are interlinked, playing an important pivotal role; At the same time, it is connected with rainwater, ground water and transpiration water to form a vertical connection. It can collect water, water storage, and flood water, and replenish underground water, evaporate and refill the water in the air. After reaching a certain number of ponds, the pond can increase the effective water resources in the region, reduce the amount of water transfer, and promote the friendly relationship between upstream and downstream of the basin.

Pond is given priority to with little water, the same area of lakes and multiple compared to the same area of the pond, due to the depth, perimeter, distribution and other factors, the pond water in contact with the land area is larger, replenish groundwater quantity and quality is better, more conducive to the formation of underground reservoir, more volatile formation water vapor at the same time, increase the air humidity effect is obvious.

The pond is an important material energy exchange carrier in the natural ecological chain, and it exists in the ecological environment of city, country, grassland, forest and so on. Pond with unique habitat for optimum performance, hydrophillic animals, plants, microorganisms provide important to the survival of habitat, form independent ecological system, material and energy flows along the food chain and food web, constitute a miniature closed-loop system.

Pond is a complicated multi channel can flow system, at the same time for the material energy exchange with the outside world and information transmission, by preserving and controlling water sources providing life production water, the water evaporation, transpiration and gravity penetration effect of alternating water into line with the outside world; The conversion of organic matter to external energy and material through plant photosynthesis; Through the decomposition of microorganisms in ponds and the interaction of plant roots with soil; The biological system in the pond can purify water quality, absorb pollutants in the air and regulate the atmospheric composition effectively. Many pond communities contain rich biodiversity, which provides food resources for human beings such as aquatic animals and plants.

From natural ecology principle, the pond group gradually disappear, will spell the end of this unique ecosystem characteristics, may lead to water ecosystem and the whole chain rupture, the contradiction between human and environment.

Why do cities need ponds?

The pond plays a unique role and value in urban ecological construction and sponge city construction.

In the city, the pond is the capillaries of the city. If the shallow pool is dotted with small water, it can fill the gap of the small water surface in the city. To retain rainwater, collect purified water, replenish groundwater, enrich the capillaries of sponge city. Therefore, the pond plays a unique role and value in urban ecological construction and sponge city construction.

The pond is an important part of urban ecological system and makes a great contribution to improving the quality of urban ecological environment. In addition to the above functions, the pond water is recycled to the ecological environment and saves the ecological resources. The construction of ponds and ponds will create a small water pattern in the city. The large amount of water evaporation can increase the air humidity, reduce the surrounding temperature, improve the heat island effect and adjust the microclimate. In addition, water and plants can absorb pollutants in the air and effectively alleviate the haze, so as to solve the pain points in the city and add new paths.

The pond is an active factor of urban culture, providing more hydrophilic space for urban life. It has affinity and brings infinite pleasure to adults and children. The pond can be used as a small landscape expression for the construction of a beautiful city. For example, as the flexible decoration of hard city plaza, it can be inlaid in the park green space, or it can appear on the street corner casually. Can fill the space between the building, also can lie in the villa courtyard, is the city green new power.

Throughout history cultural mainstream, have to borrow a half acre of will and Fang Tang summary, have to born romantic pond cleaning, wang xizhi the inkwell anecdotes, also with bai juyi sky moon falls pond culture of reclusion, more modern writer zhu zi-qing lotus pond of darkness deep description... The pond has an immeasurable cultural heritage value.

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