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What should the IPO of environmental protection companies pay attention to?

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What should the IPO of environmental protection companies pay attention to?

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At the beginning of the year, the new session of the review will be strictly reviewed and the situation is intensified. As of January 28, IPO issuance examination committee examined 41 companies apply for this year, 15, 23 were no, three postpone a vote, pass rate (not including cancel audit company) is only 36.6%, several brokerages will rate to zero.

A lower rate may be the norm. Since the end of last year, several environmental companies that have been expecting the carp to jump on the dragon's door have felt the same. From recent issuance examination committee to ask questions, the continued profitability, the content of the standard financial, compliance risk, etc, are the focus, these are also the main pain points to stumble several environmental protection enterprises.

Are green companies suitable for ipos?

From the business form, can be divided into three categories: environmental protection company products companies, engineering companies and investment companies, in the process of enterprise development, three kinds of business form may cross the fusion, but only a starting point of the initial business, product, project or investment, the gene will determine the company's capital operation.

Based on the number and market value of listed companies, water environment company is the largest segment of the environmental protection industry, taking the water environment company as an example to analyze the capital operation selection of 3 types of business form companies:

Products company is the least number of listed companies, market value of the smallest business type, products of smaller companies in the environmental protection industry value chain, is in a state of being integrated, product companies listed before generally characterized by smaller income, balance of accounts receivable, post-marketing elastic weaker performance.

Engineering the listed number of the company and investment company tied for first, par value and investment company, is more focused on the engineering of the listed company are all private, engineering company can merger integration products company down, up and capital combination can enter the investment business, so engineering company no matter in listed before and after listing all show greater flexibility, the most popular with the capital market.

Investment company is the largest number of listed companies, the biggest company type, it is worth noting that 90% of the investment companies are state-owned, local monopoly characteristics of water market, and the advantage of financing of state-owned capital determines the private start-ups to the obstacles of the investment market.

To sum up, the road of pure product companies will narrow and the time window of capital market will become smaller and smaller. The engineering company should make full use of the flexibility of project performance to raise capital market, whether it be private equity or IPO; Investment firms embrace state capital, which may be a better bet.

Since last year, the issue of the IPO of environmental protection enterprises has been mainly focused on the legal compliance of the project and revenue recognition. But by combing found that audit institutions to question many of the problems, such as the bidding process, accounting policies used and the subcontract management, etc., and the environmental protection industry is facing the business environment and business characteristics, have a plenty of prevailing tacit understanding operating in the industry.

There are still a lot of green enterprises waiting in line, which should pay attention to some problems in the case of increasing scrutiny. For example, the IPO audit standard is consistent with all industries. The above mentioned bidding procedures, accounting policy usage and sub-contract management are the key concerns of the audit.

The IPO specification has costs, which may weaken the market competitiveness in the short term and restrict the development of enterprises in a certain sense. If the IPO is regarded as the gaokao, the examination paper gathers the business experience of more than 3,000 listed companies, many of which have gone through the winding road and the big hole. In the long run, the IPO standard is the inevitable requirement of the benign development of the company, and environmental enterprises should choose to adapt rather than avoid.

In short, the business health development is the first, and the environmental protection company should pay more attention to scale than before, first do big and strong, capital market does not believe small and beautiful.

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