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Dozens of new policies have been launched to compete for environmental protection.

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Dozens of new policies have been launched to compete for environmental protection.

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After 2017, the year of environmental protection policy, in January 2018, the environmental policy will meet the intensive landing period. According to incomplete statistics, dozens of new environmental policies were implemented on January 1. In the eyes of experts and insiders, the environmental policy driving effect of 2018 will accelerate the release.

Environmental protection industry welcomes development opportunities.

Reporter found that since January 1, the national level, the environmental protection tax law, the law of the People's Republic of China on environmental protection regulations on the implementation of the tax law, the newly revised law of the People's Republic of China on the prevention and control of water pollution, ecological environment compensation system reform, the pharmaceutical industry air pollutants emission standards, and other environmental protection implemented the New Deal. Local level, the provincial environmental protection regulations, regulations on the prevention and control of water pollution of hainan province, the guiyang measures for the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, "Shanghai construction waste management regulations", "the pollution plot development and utilization in zhejiang province (draft)" in the interim measures on supervision and management of the related policies are also beginning to intensive fall to the ground.

After 2017, the national environmental protection standard "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" development plan ", the soil pollution prevention law of the People's Republic of China (draft) "living garbage classification system implementation plan" and so on dozens of blockbuster policy, has become an environmental protection policy "year".

Feng liang, deputy director of the national development and reform commission (NDRC), said earlier that the push for environmental policy was unprecedented, indicating an unprecedented opportunity for the environmental industry.

According to the 13th five-year plan, China's environmental output forecast reaches 12 trillion yuan by 2022. In the view of many experts, the environmental protection policy will further enlarge the space of environmental protection market.

Mergers and acquisitions in the green industry are surging.

In fact, under the driving force of environmental protection policies, since the second half of 2017, the funds have started to compete in the environmental protection industry.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to private enterprises, a number of central enterprises and state-owned enterprises have started to cross into the environmental protection industry. In July 2017, the company was registered and established by zhongche environmental technology co., LTD. In December, China nuclear group co., ltd. was established to enter the environmental protection market.

Experts said that the aggressive entry of state-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises will make the competition in the environmental protection market more intense, and the pace of mergers and acquisitions of environmental leading enterprises will accelerate.

The company plans to issue shares and cash payments to purchase new energy related industry assets. Last year, shengyun environmental protection co., LTD. Established a special fund of 20 billion yuan for energy conservation huayu fund, with a first period of 6 billion yuan, which is intended to be used for investment in upstream and downstream and other environmental protection businesses.

As recently as December 2017, the green industry merger and acquisition activity is very frequent. Among them, yongqing environmental protection intends to buy 100% of kangbo solid waste. The datang environment acquired 80% of hengtong company with 1460.66 million yuan; New zhongtian environmental protection co., LTD. 70 million purchase of yancheng zhonghui renewable resources co., LTD. China's water utilities to acquire environmental protection special equipment manufacturing companies; Aofeng environmental protection plan to buy a 100% stake in xiamen kunyue for $173.5 million.

Not only that, but environmental companies are increasingly moving overseas. One example is the $8.574 billion takeover of Urbaser100, a European environmental firm, by the Chinese company.

Executive director of E20 institute, Peking University institute of environmental E20 xue tao, vice President of the joint institute, said environmental protection enterprise out of the overseas, mainly divided into two kinds, one is direct acquisition developed or quasi developed country mature environmental protection enterprise, 2 it is direct investment in developing countries. From overseas investment, the trend will continue to rise next year and the year after.

In such financial institute director, chief economist at GuanQing friends opinion, differentiation and reorganization will aggravate the environmental protection industry, some leading enterprises in scale and than in the whole industry will be more and more big.

The personage inside course of study is widely expected to, rely on the environmental protection industry mergers and acquisitions to expand business in 2018 will still continue, scale of mergers and acquisitions will stabilize, is expected to remain at $30 billion to $40 billion, and gradually turned to a business integration of m&a companies give priority to. "In particular, there could be huge deals in the m&a of operating assets such as sewage, garbage and sanitation." Xue tao said.

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