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Analysis of the demand analysis of mine isolation transformer industry in China: the industry opportunities and challenges coexist.

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Analysis of the demand analysis of mine isolation transformer industry in China: the industry opportunities and challenges coexist.

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In recent years, with the pressure of energy conservation and emission reduction and environmental protection, the country has begun to support the development of clean energy, such as wind, solar and biomass energy, and gradually reduce its dependence on thermal power. Therefore, countries in the 2015-2017, a large amount of the closure of small coal mines, the coal mine and the number was reduced to 2017 from 2015 in 10800 to around 7000, this brought many challenges to mining flame-proof transformer industry. However, because the main pattern of coal energy will not change in the short term, there are also development opportunities in the mine isolation transformer industry.

Technology environment in China's mine isolation transformer industry: the application of technology is gradually maturing.

Application for patent application in the industry.

Mine explosion-proof transformer is applied to such as methane and coal dust high risk of explosion in the mine, a power supply for all kinds of power equipment and power device of transformer with high performance of riot equipment, is a kind of mine transformer.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement and maturation of mine isolation transformer technology, and the influence of the overall attenuation trend of coal industry. The number of related patent applications for mine isolation transformer is also affected. The specific performance is: before 2007, there were very few patents related to mine isolation transformer in China, and the total number of patents in 1991-2006 was 55. Since 2007, the number of patents has risen, reaching 85 in 2012; Industry since 2013 the number of patents and rapid decline year by year, 2017 applications for two, as the lowest level since 1990, reflecting the industry mature technology, the future economy and less likely to continue to break through.

The patent disclosure situation of the mining transformer industry.

Is relatively similar, and the number of applications in China before 2008 mining flame-proof transformer related patent publicly, and speed faster, from 2009 to 2013 in reach maximum number of open 85 2013 patents. In 2016, the number of public patents in the whole year was 22, with a large decline. In 2017, the number of patents related to mine isolation transformer is continuously reduced to 10.

Analysis of the leading enterprises in the industrial technology of mine isolation transformer.

From the perspective of the application of patent technology related patent technology, the application of enterprise patent technology in the industry is concentrated, and the proportion of the top 10 enterprises is 20.66%. Among them, shanxi international 'an electric co., LTD. Has applied for the most patents, 23 items, accounting for 4.75% of the total application amount of the industry. Second, jiangsu zhonglian electric co., ltd. and tianjin special transformer electrical transformer co., LTD., both of which have 12 patent applications, accounting for 2.48% of the total applications.

The hot technical analysis of the mining transformer industry.

According to the application distribution of the relevant patent technology for the technology of mine isolation transformer in China, H01F (magnet; Inductance; Transformer; The distribution of magnetic materials is the largest, with 107 patents, accounting for 17.54% of all related patents. The second is H02J (power supply or distribution circuit device or system; The power storage system and H02B (power supply or distribution switchboard, substation or switching device) have 86 and 82 respectively, accounting for 14.10% and 13.44% respectively of all relevant patents.

Analysis of the demand analysis of mine isolation transformer industry in China: the industry opportunities and challenges coexist.

The demand environment of China's coal mine isolation transformer industry: the demand of raw coal production is slowing down.

In recent years, with the pressure of energy conservation and emissions reduction, and protect the environment, countries began to vigorously support clean energy such as wind power, solar, and biomass energy development, power generation and installed capacity of electricity in the whole society, the proportion of the installed capacity presents a downward trend.

However, China's thermal power generation has been dominant for a long time, so the production of raw coal is still more than 3 billion tons in spite of the country's elimination of backward coal production capacity in recent years. According to the data, the coal production of coal enterprises above the national scale in 2016 was 3.364 billion tons, down by 8.71% year on year, which is the maximum in recent years. In 2017, China's raw coal output was 3.445 billion tons, up 3.2 percent year on year.

In addition, according to the statistics of prospective data, in 2016, China's coal industry has pulled out of or planned to withdraw from the coal mine by 1,688, with an exit capacity of 251.14 million tons/year; Since 2017, according to Inner Mongolia, shaanxi, shanxi, guizhou, xinjiang and other 12 provinces released the "2017 annual plans to close out a coal mine list, always involves closing in coal mine of nearly 1000 in 2017, jiangxi, liaoning, hubei, exit the largest coal mine, henan, shanxi exit most coal production capacity.

The closure of small and medium-sized mines in China and the declining coal production have directly affected the demand of mine isolation transformer. In 2016, the market size of mine isolation transformer is 18.32% lower than that of 2015.

Opportunities and challenges exist in the mine isolation transformer industry.

Although the current mining transformer industry is in a downward trend, and the environment is more complex, when the industry develops in the long run, the adjustment and opportunity coexist.

Opportunity: for coal mining industry, safe production is very important. By the end of 2017, there are about 7,000 coal mines in China, of which 90, 000 tons/year and the smaller mines account for 40 percent, according to the statistics bureau. At a time when safe production is constantly on the rise, small coal mines either shut down or choose to clean up. However, the selection of rectification will inevitably increase the demand for the safety production equipment, and it is still good for the mining industry.

The challenge: the coal industry is in the midst of an unsteady decline due to the coal industry, which is the main application area of the mine isolation transformer industry. The number of coal mines in China has decreased from 10,800 in 2015 to 7,000 in 2017. Coal mines are expected to close in the future. As a result, the industry faces a bigger threat.

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