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The intelligent trading day of a handful of fishing and hengan mines ensures the safety of mining.

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The intelligent trading day of a handful of fishing and hengan mines ensures the safety of mining.

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Coal industry is an important basic energy industry in China, which plays an important strategic position in China's energy supply structure. The safety management of mine construction project is an important part of mine safety management, but it has not been paid much attention for a long time. The safety accidents caused by the loss of the mine infrastructure account for a large proportion of all safety accidents. In recent years, coal mine accidents have occurred in China, which have caused great loss to people's life and property. Therefore, the mine safety is widely concerned, how to conduct real-time detection of mine pressure is also the focus of attention.

The mine pressure monitoring, mainly around the working face and the surrounding rock stress, deformation and damage of the roof and floor of pillars, compression and load, deformation and fracture of coal wall piece of help, support and performance form, according to the deformation of surrounding rock, measure and record, and by sorting out and analyzing control mine mine pressure appear rule, face to choose what kind of equipment, choose what kind of support of roadway, and guide the safety production.

The main feature of the dynamic monitoring system of the coal mine roof in the store is the use of the circular bus structure, which can be used to monitor the multi-type mining pressure parameters of the mine. The system USES computer network as the main body, which is compatible with underground communication cable, cable special line, Ethernet network multiple data transmission mode. Monitoring parameters include: working face stents roadway roof subsidence monitoring, anchor resistance testing, load stress testing, rock (coal) internal stress (stress) drilling test four aspects.

One is for a store heng mining equipment mainly produces sales: mine pressure monitoring system, on-line monitoring system for wireless transmission to the underground pressure, online roof abscission layer monitoring system, mine pressure observation instruments and meters, coal mine pressure detection system, detection system of roadway and instruments and meters, dynamic monitoring system of coal mine roof. Monitoring products, the fully mechanized coal face roof dynamic monitoring products, coal mining auxiliary equipment, etc.

With the quality of the development of the business philosophy, vigorously strengthen after-sales service, let every customer have no worries. On the 21st of each month, we also have a handful of smart day activities in the store. On the day of the event, all the products and equipment are greatly favored. A handful of shops with high quality and preferential service for the mining industry are safe. For more promotional activities, please pay attention to a handful of fishing.

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