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Does the mining equipment submersible pump industry have a low season and peak season?

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Does the mining equipment submersible pump industry have a low season and peak season?

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Coal companies have also made a fortune in 2018, as coal prices remain high. A total of 27 coal companies issued half an annual report, with only one coal company losing money, and more than 80 per cent of coal companies have achieved significant results. Among them, the net profit of the first half of pan jiang's shares rose 5769 times, the energy in hebei province increased 61 times, and the luan ring could increase 21 times. Affected by this, the coal stocks are also exceptionally strong, yesterday again the collective rally, datong coal trading limit. Shanxi coking, shenghuo shares and hengyuan coal power rose by more than 5%. The industry believes that after several years of low performance, the coal industry is once again entering a "golden age" as the coal industry goes deeper into production capacity.

According to the 2016 data, coal prices have gradually increased in the second half of 2016. In the first half of 2017, the average coal price of the company is up 93%, and the coal income increased by 1.344 billion yuan over the same period. The industry expects a wave of "winter coal" in the second half of the year, with coal prices likely to be high and expected to be expected this year.

According to half annals, in the first half of the coal business to achieve 22.414 billion yuan, transport business implementation of 9.788 billion yuan, power generation business implementation of 3.237 billion yuan, the three major business cooperative complementarity of the plates, efficient operation, indicates that the company's business structure has a strong adaptability and competitiveness.

Does the mining equipment submersible pump industry have a low season and peak season?

Now the market for industrial and mining equipment is a road, the situation is good, off-season and peak season what should we do?

Off-season, many businesses and marketers in sales generally adopt "with static brake" strategy, namely to minimize personnel on a business trip, to save money, the end of every month, the relationship between sales staff will follow the iron in the form of customers through to some marketing policy and control money, basically rely on natural sales, the operation of the market is stagnant state of "dormancy". However, if merchants and sales people can reverse their thinking, do not follow the common sense, actively adjust and optimize, and take the initiative, even in the off-season, the market still has a lot to do.

Like now in the peak season of industrial and mining equipment must be proactive, whether from offline mode or online mode must grab the first resources of the market, namely customer inquiry for the first factory, the first manufacturer to consulting the advantage is that most of the time are preconceptions, consult if the price and the product is no problem, won't consulting other manufacturer to delay time, then can promote clinch a deal the complete results. At present, the demand for coal mining is increasing, the marketing personnel and products can do the activities and expand the scope of marketing, so it is necessary to grasp the working time. Expand channels: after the launch of new products, it is necessary to actively expand and expand channels to have a better market performance in the off-season. In sales of season, as competitors to reduce or paralysis, some channels tend to be "idle" need not, or even discarded, therefore, for marketers, this is precisely the development channels, expanding network, golden opportunity to squeeze rival. Eliminate white space. The ants are also meat, which can be used to blanket, develop and cover all kinds of branches, and integrate channel resources, which can sometimes have unexpected incremental effects. In the peak season, it can produce "nuclear fusion" effect.

Have a final deepening guest mood is just as important, risk of repeat business clinch a deal is much larger than new customers, for factory sales staff to strengthen, deepen customer relationships, is a kind of improved guest mood, have great chance to all levels of distributors trust and goodwill, is also a winding path leading to a secluded spot, sale in the heart of hearts tactics.

Summarize the off-season and busy season is on the customer service, for industrial and mining equipment, mining and environment profit losses are directly affect the performance, if the losses are mining, less need of flameproof sewage pump nature also becomes less, the underground is the most dangerous of the two gas and sewage leak, no matter what season, to work and pay to go further in an industry.

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