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The structural features of a fixed belt conveyor for mining

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The structural features of a fixed belt conveyor for mining

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The mechanical performance and technical condition of the equipment are maintained and protected by belt conveyor, which is called maintenance and maintenance of the equipment. There are four main requirements for the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment in xi 'an conveyor.

(1) clean. Clean inside and outside the whole mining machinery equipment, the sliding surface, screw, rack, gear box, the place such as oil hole without oil, each part do not leak, do not leak, equipment around the chip, debris, dirt, mechanical engineer to clean;

(2) in order. Tools, accessories, workpieces (products) should be neatly placed, pipelines and lines should be organized;

(3) good lubrication. Oil pressure is normal, the oil pressure is bright, the oil is smooth, the oil is in accordance with the requirements of tianjin machinery, oil gun, oil cup, linoleum cleaning;

(4) security. Comply with the safe operation procedures, not overload the equipment, the equipment safety shift to shift the mechanical protection equipment complete and reliable, timely eliminate the unsafe factors.

When the belt conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor is conveying the wet material, it is easy to show the back of the conveyor belt, the roller and the roller. These adhesion materials can not be cleaned up when the machine is turned on, and the amount of manual cleaning after shutdown is large. It is also difficult for the conveyor belt to adjust the tensioning device in case of running deviation.

Belt conveyor

The belt machine designs a kind of roller with screw thread, which is easy to accumulate the material parts, such as the lead tail, the roller and the tensioning roller, and the thread is used to remove the material and rectify deviation. It USES ordinary Φ 89 mm pinto roller and mounting bracket, at the same time with 3 Φ 6 mm steel in roller smooth surface, welded around rotating symmetry, consistent thread pitch. Small section welding can be used to ensure the thread level is the same. When the thread is rolled, use the cutting gun to heat the steel bar, turn red, press, tap, electric welding step by step welding thread. Be careful not to overheat the nylon bearing bits on both sides of the drum.

For belt conveyor of the u-shaped conveyor belt running deviation, and product material problem, adopt single handedness and placement of symmetrical roller with screws, screw is generally to and belt conveyor in the opposite direction, in order to make the lifting force of the spiral towards the center of belt. After making good use of normal down time, replace the corresponding roller. Note: the roller must not be in contact with the roller, about 3mm.

Mining fixed belt conveyor.

Some common knowledge of conveying machinery conveyor.

Conveyor is the material handling machinery that carries material continuously on a certain line, also known as continuous conveyor. Conveyors can be carried out horizontally, slanted and vertically, and can also form a space transportation line, which is usually fixed. The conveyor capacity is large, the distance is long, it can also complete a number of process operations during the transportation process, so the application is very extensive.

Conveyors are generally classified according to whether they have traction or not. The conveyors with traction parts generally include traction parts, bearing components, driving devices, tensioning devices, redirection devices and supporting parts. The traction part is used to transmit traction, which can be used for conveyor belt, traction chain or wire rope; The carrying member is used for bearing materials, such as hopper, bracket or sling, etc. The driving device gives power to the conveyor, which is generally composed of motor, reducer and brake (stop). The tensioning device generally has two kinds of screw type and hammer type, which can keep the tension and sag of the traction parts to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor. The supporting parts can be used for supporting traction or bearing components, such as rollers, rollers, etc.

There are many different kinds of this kind of conveyor, belt conveyor, plate conveyor, escalators, automatic sidewalks, trolley conveyor, scraper conveyor, buried scraper conveyor, bucket conveyor, bucket elevator, hanging conveyor and aerial ropeway, etc.

The structure of the conveyor without traction parts is different, and the working components used for conveying materials are not the same. They are characterized by the use of rotating motion or reciprocating motion of the working component, or the flow of the medium in the pipe to move the material forward. For example, the working component of the roller conveyor is a series of rollers, which are rotated for conveying materials. The working component of the screw conveyor is spiral, and the screw is rotated in the feed trough to push the material along the feed trough. The working component of the vibrating conveyor is the feeding trough, and the feeding trough is reciprocated to transport the material in it.

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