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The mine is an embedded temperature sensor.

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The mine is an embedded temperature sensor.

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The type of temperature sensor for mine - ampere type: GWP200-C.

GWP200 - C mine safety plug temperature sensor by GB3836.4-2000 "explosive gas environment with electrical equipment part 4:" I "intrinsically safe", MT381-1995 general technical conditions of the mine temperature sensor design and production, its explosion-proof marks for: Exib I, is passive type contact measurement sensors. Thermal components of this sensor Pt100 platinum thermal resistance, suitable for coal mine continuous measuring the temperature of the electrical and mechanical equipment, and can be used in explosive gas mixture place, is suitable for the monitoring of the coal mine's workplaces equipment point temperature and temperature in an airtight, and mine main fan shaft temperature equipment such as temperature. No adjusting hole, good sealing performance. It can be used with various monitoring systems.

Technical parameters:

Index name performance index.

The measured medium gas, liquid.

The range of 0 ~ 200 ℃

Temperature sensor PT100.

No source of power supply.

Output signal resistance signal.

Accuracy A and B.

Ambient temperature - 20 ~ 85 ℃

Relative humidity 0 ~ 90% RH.

Protecting tube diameter Φ 6, 8, Φ Φ 10

Protection tube length L=0-800mm.

Fixed mode M20 x 1.5 / KJ10 / KJ16 express connector.

Solution material 1Cr18Ni9Ti.

Electrodes Φ 12 mm cable joint/quick derivation

Safety type of explosion-proof type mining.

Explosion-proof marks Exib Ⅰ

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