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The mine USES bamboo plywood door iron door frame more secure.

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The mine USES bamboo plywood door iron door frame more secure.

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Bamboo plywood door iron door frame is more secure.

Bamboo plywood wind door, mining bamboo door, bamboo wind door.

When choosing products, please don't light staring at prices straight again, listen to me a little more patience for you about our products, goods than goods in this market, the price is decided on the one hand, the high and low. I think the most important thing you should pay attention to is what kind of work benefits this product can bring to you.

Product performance of bamboo plywood for mine:

1, bamboo veneer tensile strength of damper for wood 2 to 25 times, 1.5 2 times the compressive strength of wood and bamboo veneer damper has high strength, toughness, not bibulous, anticorrosive moistureproof, not easy to deformation, good sealing, long service life, etc.

2. The bamboo veneer damper is not only closed well, but also prevents moth and mildew during production.

3. The bamboo plywood wind door passes through the multi-process processing and production, the standard set, beautiful and generous, easy to use, the safety factor is high.

Our bamboo veneer is anticorrosive, moisture-proof and flame-retardant. The overall thickness is 30mm, and it is widely used in light and easy maintenance.

Bamboo plywood door is mainly composed of door frame, door fan, turning arm and so on.

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