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A product that opens the door to European markets

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A product that opens the door to European markets

Release date:2018-04-12 The author: Click on:

As the first "chisel" doors open European market products, recently, China railway group (hereinafter referred to as China railway equipment) equipped with a diameter of 3.53 meters of hard rock TBMS in zhengzhou officially offline and deliver the customer by the open area.

On the afternoon of the same day, nearly 100 workers in the assembly workshop of the railway equipment witnessed the lower line of the red and white hard rock tunneling machine. Unlike the other "big men" in the workshop, it has a small size -- only 3.53 meters in diameter -- and is the smallest in China's self-developed hard rock tunneling machine.

"The harder it is, the more difficult it is to make a hard rock machine. To make it is like making a miniature sculpture. China railway equipment design & research institute deputy chief engineer He Fei tells a reporter, although the diameter is small, this equipment but total length of 235 meters, precisely because it is too "thin", developed to bring very great difficulty.

Small as it is, it does not affect it. Italy's CMC, the supplier of the equipment, plans to use it for its water supply in Beirut, Lebanon's capital, according to the report. The local geological structure is complex, and the facility will "nibble" a water supply tunnel and pipeline in Beirut. This device USES the "double X strut" structure, which will "crawl" forward through the "two hands" on the outside of the head during excavation, which will bring great convenience to the construction.

"There are dozens of rock tunneling machines and shield machines we produce a year, but this one is significant." He Fei says, the success of the equipment delivery, marked the first time China's independent brand rock tunneler "authentic" to open the European market, means that the international market for China's full recognition, and machine also means "think tank" build China moving towards a higher competition level.

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