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The mine is coated with plastic steel tube per meter precision.

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The mine is coated with plastic steel tube per meter precision.

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The composite steel tube is a new kind of composite material, which is formed by the special process of coating or adsorbing food grade epoxy powder coating or PE material through high temperature. Has excellent corrosion resistance and small friction resistance. Epoxy resin mining model steel pipe is suitable for water supply and drainage, water, warm water, oil, gas and other medium of conveying, besmear of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic pipe is suitable for drainage, the conveying water, oil, gas and other medium. Technical parameters: coating material: PE (modified polyethylene) or EP (epoxy) general color: black, grey, blue, red coating thickness: PE (modified polyethylene) coating thickness for 400 um to 1000 um EP (epoxy) coating thickness is 100 um um - 400 coating way: PE (modified polyethylene) for hot dipping plastic EP (epoxy) for internal and external coating product specifications: DN15-48 ") temperature: - 30 ℃ to 120 ℃ connection mode: Thread (dn15-dn100), groove (dn65-dn400), flange (for any caliber), welding type, double metal connection, socket, pipe joint, seal connection, etc. The inner and outer coated steel pipe is a kind of steel tube which is produced by the coating process technology inside and outside. It is coated and molded inside and outside, so that the corrosion resistance of the steel tube is better and the service life is longer. In the early market, common pipes are steel pipes and plastic pipes. Although ordinary steel pipes are strong, they are easy to rust, and they are prone to pollution. While the plastic pipe has good corrosion resistance and strong finish, it is easily affected by the temperature, and it is fragile and easy to break. The appearance of the inner and outer coated steel tube can combine the advantages of both, and can solve the defects of the two. Besmear is on the basis of traditional metal pipes can developed a kind of pipe material, the stiffness and strength will be more superior to the original pipe material, convenient and the price will be more reasonable, the comparison of the overall, will of pipes is more economical than ever before.

Advantages of internal and external plastic steel tubes:

1. Materials used in both on the physical properties, and chemical reaction, will be more stable, so its corrosion resistance and weather resistance will be more superior than ordinary steel pipe, can be used in a variety of harsh environment.

2. The use of paint, make internal and external coating plastic pipe wall with high degree of finish, conveying the same liquid in the same environment, the resistance is small, the efficiency will be higher, can greatly reduce the energy consumption; And the high degree of cleanliness, can make the internal scaling opportunity smaller, avoid the occurrence of blockage.

3. The production process and strict quality control, enables the coated plastic tube to comply with the relevant national ministry of health drinking water equipment safety standards, to ensure the health, health, can be at ease use.

Internal and external plastic steel pipe product characteristics:

1. All pipe fittings and joints are coated with plastic and can be used for various connections such as flanges, grooves and welding.

2. The inner and outer coated plastic steel pipe has higher mechanical strength and can withstand higher pressure.

3. Good sanitary condition of inner and outer plastic steel tubes, so as to avoid water pollution.

4. The internal and external coating has excellent chemical corrosion resistance, which doubles the life of PE pipe.

5. The internal and external coating can be coated with different materials according to different conditions of use, and truly customized production.

Internal and external coating of pipe is both inside and outside the steel tube wall melts to dissolve a thickness of 0.2 ~ 0.4 mm epoxy powder and other organic matter and constitute of steel-plastic composite pipe material, it not only has steel tube high strength, water resistance, the advantages of easy to connect, has overcome the steel easy to corrosion, under the influence of water pollution, poor fire performance shortcomings, design life of 50 years. The main drawback is that the installation can not bend, heat processing and welding cutting, cutting surface application manufacturers are equipped with a non - toxic temperature curing adhesive coating.

Since the 1930 s, with the rapid development of high quality strip steel rolling production and the progress of welding and inspection technology, constantly improve the weld quality, increasing varieties of welded steel pipe specifications, and in the field of more and more instead of seamless steel tube. Welded steel tube is divided into straight seam welded pipe and spiral welded pipe. The advantages and disadvantages of welded steel pipe are continuous online production. The thicker the wall thickness, the larger the investment of the unit and the dissolving equipment, the less economical and practical it is. The thinner the wall, the lower the input-output ratio. The advantages and disadvantages of the process of the product decided it, general welding steel tube of high precision, uniform wall thickness, high brightness tube appearance (level determines the surface of the steel plate of steel tube surface brightness), can be arbitrary length. Therefore, it shows its economy and beauty in high precision and low - pressure fluid application. 1. Common carbon steel wire bushing is a steel pipe used to protect electric wires in electrical installation engineering, such as industrial and civil construction and installation of machinery and equipment. 2. Welded steel tube welded steel pipe is the longitudinal parallel steel pipe of welding seam and steel pipe. It is usually divided into metric electric welding tube, welding thin wall tube, transformer cooling pipe and so on. 3.. The spiral welded steel pipe with spiral seam is used as the tube billet in hot rolled steel strip, often with warm spiral forming, and welded by double-side submerged arc welding, which is used for the spiral seam pipe of pressurized fluid conveying. The steel tube has strong bearing capacity and good welding performance. It is safe and reliable after all kinds of rigorous scientific tests and tests. Large diameter steel pipe, high delivery efficiency, and can save the pipeline investment. It is mainly used to transport oil and gas pipelines. 4. Confined fluid conveying with spiral seam welded steel pipe high-frequency welded steel pipe is hot rolled steel coil tube billet, often spiral forming temperature, using high-frequency welded lap welding method, used in pressurized fluid conveying spiral seam high frequency welding steel pipe. The steel tube has strong bearing capacity, good plasticity and easy to weld and process. Through various rigorous and scientific tests and tests, the use of safe and reliable, steel pipe diameter, high delivery efficiency, and can save the pipeline investment. It is mainly used to lay pipelines for transporting oil and natural gas.

Straight seam steel pipe double wire automatic welding technology application research: according to the characteristics of the straight seam steel pipe structure design and manufacture of welding fixture, draw up double wire welding technology, and USES the double wire welding welding process for this product, grope for the welding technology characteristics, further grasp the welding process to weld, the effect of double wire welding process parameters were optimized through online programming form normative guidance document. Straight seam steel pipe automatic double wire welding is developed in recent years, advanced welding technology [1], it not only have the semi-automatic welding characteristics monofilament, also has the energy concentrated, high deposition efficiency welding properties. Its main, vice wire by a separate common welding power source with welding current, adjustable independently, which can realize the optimal allocation of the welding process parameters of the best always keep a certain distance between two wires and welding Angle, effectively control the electromagnetic interference between the double arc, has good static and dynamic characteristics, two separate power by welding software joint coordinating role, to the master, vice wire power supply. At the same time, melt the main and the wire, and transfer the metal to the weld, forming a stable molten pool, which ensures the strength of the welded joint. It not only can realize the welding using conventional melting pole welding power source, and the equipment cost is reduced, the welding heat concentration, deposition speed, high efficiency welding, after welding deformation is small, low labor intensity, effectively improve the performance of weld organization, especially for the welding of high thermal conductive materials, the effect of the energy concentration is more outstanding. 447 factory robots imported from Austria in 447 double wire welding equipment, after more than a year to double wire welding process test, the test plate welding equipment design and manufacture, the online programming optimization design, for the product manufacture welding and after welding seam quality nondestructive testing and so on a series of work, the whole process has formed double wire welding guarantee system, ensure that the process of each welding parameters are true and correct. The double wire welding process has been successfully applied in the batch production of product welding in 447 plant, which has achieved remarkable effect and is highly valued by users.

Welding workstation main technical data and double wire welding equipment and process characteristics.

1.1 main technical data of welding workstation.

Mechanical arm 6 axis, column three axes, two axis rotation displacement machine, when welding, the 11 shaft can be synchronous coordinate work, guarantee the manipulator can achieve a variety of positions, and achieve the best welding position. Mechanical arm 1.6 m long, post in the ground stroke is 16 m, columns equipped with 3 m long cantilever, the cantilever of the lifting distance of 3.5 m, rotating displacement machine panel rotating radius of 2.5 m, radial work scope is 4.6 m, repetitive positioning accuracy for (+ / - 0.1) mm, rotary positioning accuracy is 0.02 °, working environment temperature in 5 ~ 45 ℃.

1.2 double wire welding equipment This topic mainly adopts the fronius company Tps5000 multi-function digital welding machine, both outside the steep fall in/slow down the output characteristics of welding current in 3 ~ 500 A, welding voltage in 10 ~ 40 V, the double wire welding system by two electric welding machine, two wire feeding machine and A welding torch and so on, can be used with automation plane or welding robot. Two wire feeding machine adopts push-pull type wire feed, and through the two wire feed tube respectively in the two wires at the same time to the welding torch two independent conductive mouth, ensure wire, welding process and welding wire in the double arc to melt, forming a molten pool. FIG. 1 is the structure of double wire welding system. Two welders communicate with each other through special devices to ensure that there is no interference between the two electric arcs. The two welding wires can be welded by pulsed arc welding with different pulse frequency combinations. As the frequency and phase, phase difference of 180 °, the different frequency arbitrary phase.

1.3 process characteristics of double wire welding.

1) high performance digital pulse welding machine [2], the welding current of 360 A at 100% temporary loading rate.

2) 6-inch LCD display, can be used online and offline programming, connect PC machine, printer.

3) specification parameters of each wire can be set independently according to different materials and thickness.

4) the wire feeding speed of each wire can be adjusted within 0.5~22 m/min range.

5) greatly improve the deposition efficiency and welding speed.

6) when the deposition efficiency is increased, keep the low heat input and the welding deformation is small.

7) the hard arc arc is more stable, and the transition controlled by soft arc arc is controlled, the splash is small, and the welding seam is beautiful.

2. Product structure characteristics and technical requirements.

2.1 product structure characteristics.

The material of this product belongs to ai-zn-mg super hard aluminum alloy, and the base material is more than 410 MPa, and the amount is more than 7%. It is composed of delta, delta, delta, 40, 60 18 different thickness of aluminum alloy welding into polyhedron frame structures, lateral plate and bottom plate, side panel and side panel with lack of penetration between embedded joint type, roof and side plates using V butt joint type, between the roof and the roof using X butt joint type, as shown in figure 3.

2.2 technical requirements

1) the tensile strength of welded joint is greater than 240 MPa. 2) of the side plate and bottom plate after welding to ensure 43 ° 30 '+ 15'. 3) when the roof and roof are welded, the concave is less than or equal to 2 mm, and the base is not more than 5 mm. 4) non-destructive testing of the weld, all conforming to the requirements of Q/PD 635 enterprise standard.

3 product technical difficulties in the robot automatic welding for this product all the welding seam tracking process, it mainly by contact sensors, electric arc tracking sensor and laser tracking sensor for seam tracking, and find a repositioning precision and require no more than 3 mm, outside this range programming distortion, it is possible to still need to online programming, therefore, must strictly control the product parts machining precision, design a feasible assembly, welding jigs to ensure accuracy. Through analysis, the key technical difficulty to realize automatic welding of the robot is the accurate tracking of all welds of the product. The design and manufacture of the product assembly, welding tooling and ensure the repeated positioning accuracy on the welding deformation machine; The determination of the welding process of the product.

Design and manufacture of welding tooling.

4.1 design of assembly and welding tooling.

1) design and assembling, welding tooling purpose: to ensure the product assembly location accuracy, ensure the smooth realization of the product in the course of welding process for welding and prevent deformation, effective control of geometry size of the product.

2) design principles of assembly and welding tooling: design reasonable assembly and welding tooling according to product structure and geometric dimension accuracy requirements. In the design of assembly and welding tooling, the design is carried out mainly with the product base plate positioning, and the concave is not higher than 2 mm with the Angle of each side plate and the top deformation. It is divided into two rings, and the two rings are connected by welding through welding. The maximum diameter is 1 828 mm and the height is 300 mm. On the upper and lower rings, different angles based on the product side plate (43 ° 30 '+ 15', 80 °, 60 °, 90 °) designed the movable special roof with different angles, in order to make sure the Angle of each side panel. At the same time guarantee the tooling should be designed with light weight, high strength, high precision, flexible positioning and easy disassembly and accessibility of welding torch, and other functions, to ensure product repeat positioning accuracy is less than 3 mm.

3) assembly and welding time furnish material choice: product composed of 7 a52 aluminum alloy material compound, therefore, the product in a fixed position, should try to use soft material and junction larger briquetting, have prevent product surface creasing.

4.2 fabrication of assembly and welding tooling.

According to the approved assembly, welding assembly drawing, the assembly, welding tooling is made, and it is partially trimmed and polished by fitting, and the surface coating is made after passing the test.

Product double wire welding process.

1) welding equipment and method selection: the welding equipment chooses the froniusTPS 5000 type pulse melting electrode welding machine. The welding method is used to protect dc reverse welding with single wire (or double wire).

2) the choice of welding materials: the material of the mother material is 7A52, the welding materials are selected as the welding wire of the two specifications, E5356, 1.2 and 1.6, and the purity of argon is 99.99%.

3) the choice of the ways of preheating: monofilament use preheating before welding, welding to preheating method can be used crawler type electric heating, preheat temperature in 60 ~ 90 ℃, double wire welding when no preheating before welding.

4) welding temperature, welding temperature 10 ℃ or higher.

5) product assembly and welding beforehand: in the product before welding, 30 mm within the scope of application of groove on both sides of acetone and mechanical methods cleanup and oxide film, and use the make good assembly tooling for assembly and welding. Preweld when using melt semi-automatic gas welding, welding the weld length 50 ~ 80 mm, longer distance between welding seam positioning in the range of 200 ~ 300 mm is more appropriate, pre welding when the welding specification in line with official during welding. During the formal welding, the product is fixed in the welding transformer, and the assembly size is qualified and the assembly size is qualified to be welded.

The choice of welding sequence: 6) products than monofilament double wire welding torch welding torch big volume, according to the product structure, to ensure the torch's gesture and accessibility, and realize the continuous welding, first determine the finished product adopts double wire welding outside playing at the bottom of the welding seam, and then finish product with monofilament welding (using local preheating) all internal welding seam, finally finished product outside all adopts double wire welding seam welding.

7) welding process parameters: through repeated experiments on the specimens, and carefully and carefully discussed the test results.

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