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Shaanxi environmental protection equipment shaanxi mine equipment manufacturers.

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Shaanxi environmental protection equipment shaanxi mine equipment manufacturers.

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Coal production capacity is a systematic project, which involves not only the settlement of employees and the disposal of assets and debts, but also the disposal of a large number of idle equipment. Recently, the China coal industry association, vice President of zhi-min jiang in easy online conference, equipped with a "+" Internet and Shared economic thinking, to promote coal machinery equipment sharing, make the idle equipment turnover rise, make the idle assets "move" rise.

According to the China coal industry association, over the past five years, the number of coal enterprises above the national scale has decreased from 7,869 in 2012 to 5,067 now, reducing 2802. In 2016 alone, more than 2,000 coal mines have been withdrawn due to resource exhaustion, long-term losses and poor safety foundation. With so many coal companies and coal mines shut down, people are resettled. What about idle equipment?

Some people in the industry pointed out that, after the coal enterprises shut down, there will be transportation equipment, support equipment, ventilation equipment, tunneling equipment, coal mining equipment, coal washing equipment and other idle. Idle equipment not only occupy the enterprise funds, at the same time, also will bring a series of problems, such as the site of utilization, equipment maintenance cost and artificial cost increase, the formation of non-performing assets, increase the burden of enterprises, enterprise development, etc.

According to the workers' daily, it has always been the direction of government and coal enterprises to take inventory of idle assets, and there are several methods: first, to repair and utilize them. The second is the use of internal adjuvant; Third, external equipment leasing; The fourth is to open to the public for sale. But due to the enterprise development and the policy implications, idle assets has always been in the enterprise internal use, can't get through, and external market timely idle asset utilization efficiency is low, causing the waste of resources.

Zhi-min jiang pointed out that although some enterprises and institutions have been actively explore exit coal mine disposal and recycling of idle equipment, materials, but the coal mining equipment specificity and the restriction of market information asymmetry, the huge amount of idle equipment still can't get effective treatment. This not only increases the burden of enterprises, but also the waste of social resources due to improper disposal.

In order to promote the circulation of the coal industry equipment, solve the problems of the coal idle equipment to deal with difficult, velocity stake in zheng coal machinery group under the overall deployment, has set up a platform easy equipment second-hand equipment deployment. It is understood that the platform brings together the appraisal institutions, financial leasing institutions, machine manufacturers, parts suppliers and the property rights trading center, the purpose is to build "China's largest coal sharing platform".

Shortdial co chairman Li Xiyuan, for instance, in 2016, the company for the price of 30000 yuan each, purchasing the yitai group 143 ZY6800/16/32 scrap stents (single plane weighs about 19 tons) maintenance after manufacturing, sales of nearly 50000 yuan each price for the test pater machine equipment co., LTD., Beijing has realized idle equipment maintenance remanufacturing, recycling (scrap).

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