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Mine hoist industry experts - former cattle mine equipment.

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Mine hoist industry experts - former cattle mine equipment.

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Jiaozuo former cattle mining equipment co., LTD is a comprehensive enterprise integrating casting, processing, assembling, selling and service. Was founded in 1982, the factory is located in the wuzhi county provincial industrial concentration area. Jingguang railway crossing the border, zheng jin, changji two high-speed penetrating things, zheng chang, xinluo two provincial roads meet here, there are two Yellow River floating bridge and zhengzhou connect; Zheng jiao intercity railway, zhengzhou zhengyun high - speed taohuayu Yellow River bridge to the factory 15 minutes. Zhengzhou, luoyang, jiaozuo, xinxiang, the city of jincheng five core zone, the geographical position is superior, the transportation superiority, casting factory covers an area of 29800 square meters, construction area of 9800 square meters. The machinery processing plant covers an area of 66040 square meters with a floor area of 16,800 square meters. Currently, there are 262 employees, including 36 senior and intermediate professional technicians, with fixed assets of 58 million yuan and 150 kinds of production machinery and equipment. There are 10 large equipment and more than 50 testing equipment. An annual output of 8 series 30 specifications of mine hoist and mine hoist more than 500 sets. More than 200 pieces of crushing equipment. Products sell well in henan, shanxi, hebei, heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, ningxia, gansu, xinjiang, sichuan, such as the mining area, was welcomed by the majority of users and trust, my company for three consecutive years in 2003-2003 by industrial and commercial bureau of henan province, henan contract management association awarded the "contract credit enterprise", respectively. In 2006, the China quality inspection association issued the certificate of "national quality and stable qualified product" for the mine hoist winch produced by our company. In the same year, my company's mine upgrade equipment has all been certified by the "MA" logo. In 2003, our company has passed the authentication of ISO9001 international quality system.

In 2004 and 2007, it was awarded the title of "quality product of henan province" by henan provincial quality and technical supervision bureau. At the same time, the company can provide users with project design, process design, standard design and production.

Cattle before mining equipment since its inception, always adhere to the "ideas decide way out, quality of products" business philosophy, for many years was named "civilization enterprise", "key leading enterprise", "quality enterprise", "heavy contract, keep promise" enterprise, customers to "trust here. The former bovine mining equipment company is based on the central plains, covering the whole country, facing the world, with the talent as the fundamental, innovation-oriented, and unswervingly taking the mining machinery as the main industry for long; On this basis, increase the intensity of market development and capital operation, actively seek new development space, careful pragmatic to explore new areas of strategy towards the goal of collectivization, internationalization development, cattle before mining equipment company to achieve greater success lay the foundation, to create conditions.

Former cattle mining equipment company with product seize market, with services to create market, leads the market with the brand. "cast Ming great brand, let the user satisfaction" is the eternal pursuit of cattle before mining equipment co., LTD.

Product advantages:

1. Advanced product technology, compact design, beautiful appearance, simple structure, easy operation, maintenance, easy installation, stable starting and other advantages.

2. This product mainly consists of spindle device, reducer, motor, hydraulic pump station, disc brake, depth indicator, coupling and electric control system.

(1) spindle device (spindle device mainly consists of spindle, drum shell, rolling bearing, bearing pedestal, bearing cover, bearing beam, plastic lining, etc. The main shaft is made of high quality carbon alloy steel. The drum is equipped with a fixed car device, which can better maintain the brake and adjust the rope. The roller liner is of high mechanical strength and long service life.

(2) the reducer conforms to the standard JB/T8853-1999, gear accuracy level 6, gears and shaft is made of high quality low carbon alloy steel carburizing and hardening, tooth surface hardness HRC 58-62, has a large carrying capacity, high transmission efficiency, the advantages of compact structure and reliable in use, can be applied to metallurgical mining, lifting transport, cement, construction, chemical industry, textile, light industry, etc.

Main features of the reducer:

1. The gear is made of high strength and low carbon alloy steel by carburizing and quenching, and the hardness of the tooth surface is HRC58 ~ 62.

2. The gear adopts CNC grinding technology, with high precision, stable quality and good interchangeability.

3. High carrying capacity, 7 times more than the carrying capacity of the old soft-tooth surface reducer.

4. The transmission efficiency is high, the single stage can reach 98%, the two levels can reach 97%, and the three-level can reach 96%.

5. Small size, light weight and long service life.

6. Easy to repair and easy to install.

Planetary gear

Compared with ordinary gear transmission, the main features of planetary gear transmission are as follows:

1. Small size, light weight, compact structure, large transmission power and high bearing capacity are determined by internal factors such as the structure of planetary gear transmission.

2. The transmission ratio is large.

As long as the appropriate choose the type of planetary transmission and distribution scheme, can use a few of the gear and get a lot of planetary gear transmission because of its three basic transmission ratio component can drive, so it can realize the synthesis and decomposition of movement, and the step and stepless variable speed drive and other complex movement.

3. High transmission efficiency.

Due to shunt transmission structure of planetary gear transmission using the symmetrical, uniform distribution with a number of planetary gear, used in the center of tooth and the arm bearing reaction force balance each other, conducive to the transmission efficiency, the transmission type under the condition of a proper and reasonable structure layout, the efficiency can reach 0.97 to 0.99.

4. Strong ability of movement balance, shock resistance and vibration.

Due to the use of several identical planetary wheels, it is evenly distributed around the central teeth, which can balance the inertial ability of the planetary tooth and the arm. At the same time, the number of teeth engaged in meshing is increased, so the motion balance of planetary gear transmission is stronger and the work is more reliable.

Disk brake

(1) the disc brake is applied in mine hoist braking system of the hydraulic actuators, accurate name should be: often closed rear disc brake cylinder, is currently USES more rear type oil cylinder, in order to meet the needs of the continuous development of mining industry, disc brake gradually obtained the development application.

Its main advantage is to overcome some disadvantages of the lever brake, the structure is compact, safety is good, the action is sensitive, convenient for the mine to improve automation.

In the elevator starts, the output pressure of the hydraulic pressure station open the brake oil, elevator start to work, when work braking, working condition of hydraulic station, according to raise or lower the pressure, brake will provide brake force, on the other hand, the accident situation, the pressure of the hydraulic pressure station to return to the residual pressure, brake with maximum braking force to hoist parking in the shortest possible time.

(2) depth indicator.

The depth indicator is the arch depth indicator, and the driver can understand the position of the container visually. Its motion is transmitted through two sprockets and sleeve roller chains. Simple structure and reliable indication. In addition, according to the depth of the user's wellbore, change the size of the driven sprocket to change the distance of the needle and give the driver a clear and visible indication.

1. Indicate the position of the lifting vessel in the wellbore;

2. The container is close to the wellhead or the bottom of the well to send a deceleration signal;

3. When the hoisting container is overrolled, the end switch of the depth indicator is switched off, so that the protection circuit is tripped and the emergency brake is carried out.

4. When the depth indicator fails, protect and alarm the device to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

(3) supporting electronic control.

To improve the electromechanical control part, we can choose the complete system of general electric control, PLC electronic control or variable frequency control. Provide dynamic braking as required.

General electric

Main configuration: stator screen, rotor screen, relay screen, power brake screen, control screen, metal resistor.

Working principle: the series resistance speed control method is to connect the metal resistance in the rotor circuit of the wound asynchronous motor, and the control method is used to adjust the resistor gradually.

Advantages: low cost, simple maintenance of equipment.

Disadvantages: waste of resources after operation of equipment and poor speed adjustment.

PLC control

Main configuration: power supply switch cabinet, operation desk, power control cabinet, rotor control cabinet, auxiliary PLC console, speed generator, shaft encoder, etc.

Working principle: using double PLC control, meet the requirements of the coal mine safety regulation protection two-wire system, in addition to complete the winch logic operation manual, semiautomatic operation process, also with a high speed counter module receives the shaft encoder pulse signals, precise calculation and display the cage (or car) the location and speed, and thus provide reliable soft reduction and tachycardia, soft overwinding protection.

Advantages: the system is safe and reliable, the equipment is small, easy to install and debug.

Frequency conversion electric control

Main configuration: operation desk, power cabinet, resistance cabinet, frequency converter cabinet.

Working principle: the variable frequency control method is asynchronous or synchronous motor, and the method of changing the stator frequency is used to change the synchronous speed of the motor to realize the speed adjustment.

Advantages: stepless speed regulation, energy saving, good motor performance, stable work.

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