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New changes in coal mine new equipment

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New changes in coal mine new equipment

Release date:2018-04-12 The author: Click on:

Recently, shanxi coal huangling coal mine ii hydraulic anchor drill car introduced 209 face, replace the pneumatic anchor machine, has realized the rapid, efficient and safe bolting, provides a powerful guarantee of science and technology to mine development.

The reporter understands, huangling no. 2 mine before using pneumatic anchor machine for roadway support, at the end of the cut coal excavating, four bolt machine supporting operations at the same time, each bolt machine need two workers to operate, take human operation efficiency is low.

Using hydraulic anchor drill rig, workers can be adjusted up and down, according to the height of roadway platform independent to help anchor bars, head-on shot hole and detection hole construction work, in the past eight people in a class assignment, now 3 people to complete. It has the characteristics of comprehensive drilling function, good safety, high working efficiency and low labor intensity.

It can greatly shorten the time of support operation, protect the safety of the workers under the headspace, improve the support efficiency and support quality. In working face head-on, when driving, hydraulic bolt drilling car parked in the machine rear side help, a cut coal circulation homework finished, machine back for parking, anchor drilling car driving to support operations. After the supporting operation is completed, the anchor drill is returned to the rear of the driving machine, and the driving machine starts to head to the face of the working face, and the next cycle of coal cutting is carried out.

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