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Blast furnace bag dust remover.

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Blast furnace bag dust remover.

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After more than 30 years of application and development, the dust removal technology of blast furnace gas in blast furnace in China has become more and more mature, and has been widely used in many small and medium blast furnaces. At the same time, the filter material material in our country in recent years has made great progress, fiber and super fine glass fiber composite not only improve the strength, high temperature resistant needled felt filter, prolong service life, and the use of temperature rise, resistant to high temperature of 260 degrees Celsius, for blast furnace gas dry cloth bag dust removal has laid a solid foundation, combined with PLC automatic control system, make the nitrogen discharge pulse blowing dust and ash, ash can automatically by the program control, effectively promoted the blast furnace gas dry cloth bag dust removal technology level of ascension.

The successful use of small and medium blast furnace dry bag dust remover laid the foundation for the use of blast furnace dust removal equipment in large blast furnace. Large blast furnace gas generates more, however, is also used as small and medium-sized dry dust removal of blast furnace body size specifications, to achieve the same filtration efficiency, is bound to multiply box number, lead to the increase in the number of fault point dry dust catcher, covers an area of increasing greatly. With this design idea, its reliability is reduced, and it can not meet the needs of large blast furnaces, affecting its normal operation, leading to the imbalance of energy medium and causing great loss.

To clear the obstacle of large blast furnace dust removal equipment, our company in the dry dust removal technology, equipment, key parts and ash conveying system to do in-depth research, the system through a lot of argument, and increase the single housing filtering area, the large diameter casing (more than 5.2 meters in diameter) is introduced into the blast furnace gas dry dust catcher, and use 6 m diameter casing, for dry dust removal system laid the foundation for the further application and popularization in large blast furnace.

Dust and dust collection of blast furnace mine:

Ore groove on the dust removal of the most commonly used way for hole on the top of the ore bin dust hood, the use of electric butterfly valve switching, and process equipment interlocking, namely process equipment gesture, synchronous switching butterfly valve open, and synchronous closing. Second way USES mobile ventilation slots, roller set three suction mouth ventilation slots, upper dust capture dust discharging belt head, mouth lower dust catcher discharge outlet and the ore bin dust, according to the experience of the use, we recommend using portable wind trough.

Trough trough by dust collection point, and don't work at the same time, to do not work at the same time to switch our aspiration point using electric butterfly valve, and process equipment interlocking, namely, process equipment, switching butterfly valve open, and synchronous closing, reduce system air volume, lower power consumption.

[flowchart of the dust removal system of yakun environmental blast furnace]

Design features of blast furnace dust removal equipment:

1. In order to facilitate the system management, the main parameters of the dust removal system are measured and shown, and the necessary fault signal display and signal alarm are set for the main equipment.

2. Combine several blast furnaces into a dust removal system. Since the iron is intermittent iron, it can be switched by setting electric wear - resistant butterfly valve. When a blast furnace works, the corresponding butterfly valve is opened and the other butterfly valves are closed.

3. The dust removal system is controlled by the PLC machine, and the filter pressure measurement is carried out.

4. In order to save space, the dust removal system adopts elevated layout, one layer is the wind machine room and the dust control room, and the second floor is the dust catcher platform.

5. In order to effectively control the large amount of soot generated by the blast furnace system, the dust collection should be carried out at different dust spots.

6, the iron dust removal system of flue gas temperature is higher, on the road in front of the into the filter installed a mix of wind valve, when the flue gas temperature exceeds the set value (120 ℃), open the mixed with cold air for air valve to the system, in order to ensure the safety of the dust collector.

7, because the flue gas temperature is higher, soot cleaning air quality requirements higher, compressed air to oil and water to thoroughly separation, condensation, otherwise easy to cause the filter bag, impact effect the design resistance than lead to filter resistance, eventually lead to system air volume dropped substantially, so to pass water segregator, oil filter, pressure reducing valve, freeze drying machine and a series of processing equipment to deal with compressed air.

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