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Green manufacturing frequency amplification for environmental protection equipment enterprises on the new starting point

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Green manufacturing frequency amplification for environmental protection equipment enterprises on the new starting point

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In 2017, the market for environmental equipment manufacturing is "full of color", and sales continue to rise year-on-year. Industry experts believe that the profit space of environmental equipment manufacturing enterprises will be further compressed under the background of heating and manufacturing costs in the energy conservation and environmental protection market. Next, only active structural adjustment, continuous research and development of new technology, can achieve a qualitative leap in the trillions of tuyere.

Green manufacturing frequency amplification for environmental protection equipment enterprises on the new starting point.

2017 is the year when environmental equipment manufacturing is expected to grow.

Compared with the "exceptionally calm" market situation in 2016, the environmental equipment industry has been on the rise in 2017. Look from this year the market situation, not only the tradition such as water treatment, air pollution control equipment manufacturing for good posture, soil monitoring equipment, environmental control integrated services emerging brand is strong. At the same time, the technology of environmental protection equipment manufacturing is also improving, and it is obvious that the import substitution effect is obvious, and the market share of the independent brand is gradually increasing.

For the market in 2018, the analysts think, upstream material end the year overall easing of supply and demand, production capacity continues to increase, environmental protection equipment upgrading demand increase, new demand pull back. Domestic agencies predict that in the next four years, environmental equipment sales will be the first to get the outbreak cycle, according to the 12th five-year plan.

Innovation-driven growth point.

Create a green manufacturing upgrade.

Multiple factors have contributed to the heating of the environmental protection equipment industry during the 13th five-year plan period. In 2017, energy conservation and environmental protection market continues to heat up, good directly to the upstream manufacture market performance, water ecological environment, atmosphere pollution, soil restoration, environmental monitoring equipment production and sales scale are rose. Under the influence of the overall stability of the industry chain and the increase of capital input, the market share of environmental equipment manufacturing brands reached nearly 450,000 as of July 2017, with a year-on-year growth of more than 6%. Sales volume reached 420,000, up nearly 6% year on year.

In 2017, precision, efficiency and personalization are the main themes of environmental protection equipment upgrading. And the environmental protection equipment which is closely related to big data and cloud computing is developing rapidly with the help of intellectualization and replacing traditional manufacturing industry chain. Environmental protection equipment manufacturing in the face of high market benefits, the industry chain has also brought new consumption upgrading opportunities. All major environmental equipment manufacturers are actively promoting structural adjustment, implementing independent innovation-driven strategy and seeking market breakout.

Demand for high-end, environmentally friendly equipment is also on the rise. With the development of environmental governance upgrade boom, intelligent applications and emerging environmental protection equipment products such as one-stop solution is becoming more and more popular, the manufacturer's technology innovation ability has become the key factor of winning the market.

As a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, Jiangsu Skyray Instrument Co., ltd. adhere to the technology enterprise, not only opened the new space environment analysis Instrument technology upgrade, and studying the grid air quality monitoring system, portable water heavy metal detector, the environmental monitoring facilities, such as inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer and the overall solution, broke the boundary of intelligent applications and clean production, and strive to preempt the intelligent environmental protection equipment manufacturing.

Another environmental protection equipment leader, hangzhou luyuan environmental protection equipment factory is optimistic about the intelligent development of air pollution control equipment. The market is still nurturing. As luyuan fist products of environmental protection, including rotary gas-collecting hood, copper smelting flue gas dust removal treatment purification plant, waste gas treatment equipment at the early stages of the enterprise development has played a pivotal role, not only earned its economic benefits and market share, also provides technical support for late industry chain, kicked off the luyuan environmental development of the available smart big market. Based on the physical characteristics of the above equipment, the cleaner production manufacturing industry has introduced various innovative products, and the system service and the portable product form have become the new highlights.

Intelligence becomes the subject word.

The market outlook for 2018 is promising.

Meanwhile, wisdom industry rapid development, has strong "cloud" color system of environmental protection equipment applied in environmental governance winning more advantages, intelligent, digital application will lead to environmental wisdom. In terms of product upgrading, environmental protection equipment enterprise will develop in the future to promote the quality of the iteration, consumers for the consciousness of environmental protection equipment renewal term, will further drive the consumer to upgrade.

Intellectualization has injected new kinetic energy into environmental equipment manufacturing. Environmental protection equipment had become environmental governance chain is a key element, it is just a simple emergency equipment, with the emergence of emerging technologies, environmental protection equipment will be the solutions to the core of the whole ecological environmental system, and the development of intelligent kernel of environmental protection equipment didn't happen overnight, it still needs to be mature for a period of time. Therefore, in the face of "the big market of dinosaurs, small enterprises like mosquitoes", a common industry view is that environmental protection equipment manufacturers should twist into a rope and give full play to their technical advantages.

The environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry chain in the past period of time, has experienced from a single equipment manufacturing solutions to the system, to the pursuit of the transformation of governance efficiency, which gives the environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises are of great change. With the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, the industry agrees that mastering the core technology will become the right to speak for the invincible industry chain. Instead of competing with the well-capitalized listed companies, it is better to delineate the growth genes and market positioning of enterprises in environmental protection ecosystem.

In other words, the precise locking technology path and providing personalized service will become the way of survival for small and medium-sized enterprises in the increasingly competitive situation. As through in recent years, the development of Shanghai man fly pump industry co., LTD. Is a focus for the diaphragm pump field, the strategic orientation of giving full play to the advantages of the core technology, and makes the enterprise annual net profit increased by leaps and bounds.


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