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Is a gust of wind or smell "machine" dance environmental protection equipment to usher in "upgrade

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Is a gust of wind or smell "machine" dance environmental protection equipment to usher in "upgrade

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Environmental protection equipment manufacturing smart as a new generation of technology and the product of environmental governance depth fusion, not only can provide new "green" and industrial manufacturing with emerging intelligent infrastructure support, and catalytic personalization, grid control, systematic services such as new model formats, strongly promote the traditional industry upgrade and new environmental protection equipment kinetic energy to grow. At present, China has formed a sound environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry system, and the application of environmental protection equipment is being popularized in a wide range of fields such as home appliances, logistics and transportation, such as environmental governance and industrial manufacturing.

Is a gust of wind or smell "machine" dance environmental protection equipment to usher in "upgrade"

2018 will be the first year in which environmental equipment will be fully rolled out.

So far, environmental equipment manufacturing has entered the era of great development, China has formed a sound environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry system. In the past year, environmental equipment manufacturing has maintained a rapid growth. Taking the special equipment for environmental pollution prevention and control as an example, the production of environmental protection equipment in China was close to 60 (sets) in January and September of 2017, with a year-on-year growth of over 6%. The revenue of the manufacturing industry of environment-friendly special equipment exceeded 287.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of nearly 7.84. According to the calculation of domestic institutions, the direct industry of China's environmental protection equipment is about 320 billion yuan in 2017, with an average annual growth of about 9.1% between 2018 and 2022. It is expected to reach a trillion yuan by 2020.

At the same time, the development of environmental equipment manufacturing in 2017 also entered the period of improving quality and efficiency. "" much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" ecological environmental protection plan "" about accelerating the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry guidance, such as multiple file releasing, put forward to develop the environmental protection equipment manufacturing, elaborating the industry upgrading. Thanks to the policy of pushing ahead with technology becoming mature, big data, intelligent application, such as digital information technology will get more extensive application in the field of environmental governance, environmental protection equipment in 2018 to the direction of wisdom will further speed up the pace of development, environmental protection equipment will enter the "upgrade".

Environmental protection equipment manufacturing innovation is active, equipment, environmental management, information technology and software application actively promote platform development in different fields, and now has formed a comprehensive service with unique characteristics. Some environmental protection enterprises are still in the membrane treatment, environmental monitoring, soil restoration, intensive cultivation, hazardous waste disposal industry in quality optimization, process design, equipment predictive performance, supply chain system, etc, to form a series of innovative applications, and gradually develop a innovation of ecological environmental protection equipment manufacturing.

Environmental protection equipment enterprises in wastewater treatment, waste gas treatment, solid waste disposal in areas such as constantly create new technologies, new products, new solutions, environmental protection material upgrade and steadily move upstream, midstream equipment smart ability improved, downstream environmental governance performance trend accurately. And by 2020, to support the construction of innovation system of environmental protection equipment manufacturing, support enterprise built a batch of digital, grid, the environmental protection platform of intelligent transformation, cultivate a group of environmental protection equipment enterprises have market core competitiveness.

The three major systems of environmental protection equipment systematization, intelligence and service are accelerating the development of innovation. At present, the environmental protection equipment manufacturing is booming, the technology system is improving, the application field is continuously enriched, and the environmental protection equipment is promoted to digital, grid and intelligent development. Intelligent manufacturing collaborative environmental management innovation, realizing more efficient, green, accurate, personalized customized services, adapted to the industrial upgrading of the era proposition. Among them, the development and introduction of new technologies will play an important role in the upgrading of collaborative innovation industry.

Industry insiders say that environmental protection equipment from low carbon to smart, environmental equipment manufacturing will also be more rapid development. Firstly, it is the drive of extension field extension, and some intelligent equipment matching and intelligent monitoring are expected to gain more market space. Secondly, it includes environmental protection hardware, environmental management and other environmental protection industries. In addition, environmental protection equipment has become more intelligent, for example, environmental monitoring has begun to be used in unmanned aerial vehicles. Comprehensive intelligence needs to carry out collaborative innovation, including the reduction and efficiency of equipment manufacturing, and more precise industrial chain coordination.

With the organic integration of Chinese intellectual and environmental management, environmental protection equipment manufacturing has become an inevitable trend of environmental governance. A series of the development of information technology and widely used in the field of environmental protection, not only can improve data processing ability, but also the operation project data are more accurate analysis and forecast, the benefit of so as to improve enterprise management level. And in the process of the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing, intelligent application is more and more deeply to the field of environmental governance, environmental protection projects, of controlling the core resources of the race will be more and more fierce.

In environmental protection equipment manufacturing as the backdrop of the national development strategy, there will be more industry into the green system, the traditional manufacturing enterprises is expected to be gradually built more than the downstream industry chain as the core of the supply chain mode. In terms of intelligent manufacturing, information technology, environmental protection facilities and environmental governance, further breakthroughs and development will be made. It is widely predicted that in 2018, the combination of environmental protection and manufacturing industry will become more and more close, and will further penetrate into various sub-industries.

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