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What is the point of the upgrade of environmental protection equipment?

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What is the point of the upgrade of environmental protection equipment?

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It is necessary to do well in environmental protection. In the background of the continuous improvement of the environmental protection industry, environmental protection equipment has ushered in a new cycle of renewal.

What is the point of the upgrade of environmental protection equipment?

The public information shows that China's environmental protection equipment industry has formed a certain scale and system in the three major areas of air pollution control, water pollution control and solid waste treatment. Environmental protection equipment manufacturing, also no longer is pure specialized equipment manufacturing, but also includes related instruments and pharmaceutical materials and so on.

The extension of product coverage is accompanied by high demand for pollution control. In the light of relevant policies, the production and sales of purifying equipment, dedusting equipment, desulfurization and denitrification equipment, waste incineration power generation equipment, black water treatment equipment, etc., continue to rise. According to the forward-looking industry research institute, the environmental equipment industry has more than doubled its total profit from 2011 to 2016.

Is in the current market environment monitoring equipment, for example, rivers and lakes, eat hutch waste, black clay, noise radiation, no pollution control lack of environmental monitoring equipment "clairvoyance" and "clairaudient". In the next 10 years, the market for environmental monitoring equipment is expected to meet the growth rate of up to 20%.

Of course, light can't be bought or used. There are still many enterprises that do not fully play the role of environmental protection equipment, and there are many problems in operation, maintenance and maintenance. How to extend the service life of the environmental protection equipment, make the pollution be treated thoroughly, and let the money not be lost, so that the consultation and after-sales service related to the environmental protection equipment are integrated into the industrial chain.

To form a good circulation, it is imperative to build a mature industrial chain. Just like the manufacturing of environmental equipment, it is in the upstream of this chain, followed by the 12th five-year plan and the 13th five-year plan. Next, by 2020, China's environmental equipment manufacturing output will create another "1 trillion".

But the trillion-dollar market is open. This blue sea opens the door to all investors, where will the future be?

In addition, now that environmental protection equipment is gradually becoming more and more normal, more people are beginning to understand the importance of environmental protection, the availability and value of environmental equipment. In the process, people's requirements for environmental monitoring and governance will be higher and higher, and the environmental protection equipment parameters will become more transparent, and only progress can be achieved more widely.

So, where do you start to make yourself invincible?

Based on the current situation of "small and scattered" in the industry, we can get rid of the vicious competition, and "practice" is the right way. Now, some small and medium-sized enterprises try to take the road of "low price competition", but ignore the core technology development, which is not conducive to the sustainable operation of enterprises. Therefore, "strong body fitness" from both internal and external forces, can gain a firm advantage.

In addition, the phenomenon of homogenization also appears in the environmental protection equipment industry. To stand out from the crowd is an important way to differentiate. At the same time, environmental protection equipment is either a special device or a diversified strategy, and it is crucial to find a suitable brand strategy.


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