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Win the market with products and services to filter the forge equipment.

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Win the market with products and services to filter the forge equipment.

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Adhering to the concept of "craftsmanship spirit casting equipment", Shanghai dengqi filter equipment co., ltd. has developed and manufactured every filter equipment, and has developed a diversified product system. With advanced technology, high quality products and professional services, our company has been recognized and supported by our customers.

Win the market with products and services to filter the forge equipment.

All roads lead to Rome, and any enterprise has a path to its own development. Some take innovative routes, others follow the service route. For Shanghai shield flag filter equipment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "shield flag filter"), "first-class product + professional service" is its consistent market policy.

As a collection of filtering equipment design, manufacturing, sales, and to provide comprehensive environmental solutions and engineering equipment integrated company, the shield of the flag filter since its establishment actively absorb advanced foreign technology, based on the filtration equipment manufacturing experience for many years, has developed a large number of high-quality filtration equipment, to provide reliable solutions for water environmental protection industry in China.

Data shows, the shield of the flag filter's main products are: candle filter, enclosed plate filter, microporous filter, self-cleaning filter, bag filter, filter filter, pipeline filter, diatomite filter machine automatic filter press, stainless steel belt type enrichment machine, etc.

A rich and diversified product system, which extends the development of shield flag to sewage treatment, papermaking, chemical industry, medicine, food, textile, dyeing and other fields. The advanced production technology, the perfect production line, the precision testing instrument, the first-class technical r&d personnel and the high-quality after-sales service team, also let the shield flag filter widely receives the customer praise.

Self-cleaning filter

Self-cleaning filter

In the "shield" brand product system, self-cleaning strainer mainly includes electric brush self-cleaning filter and electric suction self-cleaning filter. Among them, the electric brush self-cleaning filter has three functions: differential pressure/time/manual, which can realize automatic cleaning and automatic discharge; At the same time, the advantages of high filtration accuracy, short anti-clearance time, less cleaning water and less pressure loss also provide a stable water quality guarantee for the water system.

And the electric suction type self-cleaning filter is an automatic self-cleaning filter, which is divided into three types: vertical, horizontal and online. When cleaning, the motor drives the suction scanner to sweep the surface of the filter screen to remove the dirt magazine, and discharge the filter through the drain valve, which can be cleaned without interruption.

GL series microporous filter.

GL series of microporous filter and tubular precision filter, the device in vertical closed the hanging in the PA/PE micro filter tubes as the filter medium, radiation resistance and good impact strength, and at the bottom of the device is equipped with pneumatic discharge port.

GL series microporous filter mechanism.

Together, GL series of microporous filter machine has the following several significant features and advantages: 1, the solid content and more dry slag liquid filtration precision, closed to the material through the upper main filter rapid filtration area, middle or bottom of auxiliary filter area is a machine can be left. 2. The polyethylene PA/PE microfiltration tube with high polymer materials as the filter medium can not only filter the solid particles of more than 0.2 micron at a time, but also greatly reduce the operation cost. 3. Closed filtration, clean and safe production, no smell spilt, improve production environment and small footprint. 4. The fast gas is used to reverse the slag and the filter pipe is regenerated. The operation and installation is convenient, and the maintenance is convenient and fast.

DL series quick-opening multi-bag filter.

DL series fast open multi-bag filter is a new kind of filtration system, which consists of filter cartridge, filter tube cover, quick opening structure, filter bag and supporting punch net blue. Among them, the elastic gravity balance device simplifies the operation process, can lift the lid with a finger over and down, and the reasonable design makes the filter does not produce a cartwheel, dumping or the top down is not easy to buckle on the phenomenon.

DL series quick-opening multi-bag filter.

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