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Structural characteristics of rubber sheathed cable for mining.

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Structural characteristics of rubber sheathed cable for mining.

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Standby ethylene propylene rubber insulating rubber sheath high pressure rubber sheath soft cable.

One: the soft power of the conductive wire is required to be the highest in the electric drill cable and the extractor cable; The wire structure adopts the following measures:

1. The soft fine diameter copper single line is adopted, and the bar is combined and twisted in a bar. The bending torsion of the whole cable is also affected by the insulation and sheath structure. Therefore, the thinner the filament, the better the pitch.

2. The flexibility can be improved by using the same direction beam and rewinding.

3. In order to facilitate the relative sliding of the wire in the insulation layer and facilitate the installation and maintenance. Electric drill cable and small section of the excavator cable wire shall be tinned, and the large cross-section extractor cable shall be insulated and insulated with a paper tape outside the wire.

2: the insulation layer requires sufficient electrical insulation.

1. Rubber containing no less than 35 %.

2. The insulation thickness is thicker than that of general rubber.

3. Adopt good electrical rubber, and adopt good extruded rubber technology (such as extruded rubber vulcanization continuous production line)

Layer 3:

A semi-conductive rubber layer should be used to make the transition resistance meet the standard requirements, so as to ensure the reliable operation of the relay protection system in the condition of accident.

Four: mat

1. The core should be fully used to cushion the cable when it is smashed and extruded, and cannot oversize the ambassador. The design is required to properly fill the gap between the insulated conductor.

2. Mechanical properties shall not be lower than the requirements of insulating rubber.

3. It cannot produce adhesion with insulated wire core.

5. Cable structure

1. Use smaller pitch multiples to improve the flexibility of cables.

2. In order to ensure the mechanical strength of the ground wire core, the core section of the ground wire is larger than the general electric cable, and the small section product is used in the same section as the main line.

3. The control wire core is separately twisted into a group, and then it is cable with the main core.

Six: sheath

1. Adequate mechanical strength and good wear resistance. The underground cable requires flame retardant. Therefore, chloroprene rubber is used, and the amount of glue is not less than 50%.

2. The 6KV mobile rubber sheath cable requires sufficient electrical insulation to improve the anti-corona cracking performance of the sheath.

7. Cables should be compact and compact, with relative sliding of each element

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