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I. main features.

The cable should be laid only once to reduce the labor intensity of the workers. The operation of the equipment is very simple, and the front and rear movement can be completed with only one valve handle, and the operation is flexible and convenient. Existing cable tow truck when dragging cable need at least 3 ~ 4 individual coordination to complete the task, and the intensity of labor is larger, in case of large slope face or open winch bad cooperation with people on line, there is a certain risk. The mining cable haulage car needs only one person to handle the handle of the valve. The winch and the push cable can be carried out by one person at different time periods, and there is no problem of matching error. Past by 3 ~ 4 talent can finish the task, now only one person can be easily completed, can not only improve the working efficiency and save the expenditure of the staff, and if operators have many years of cable tow truck operation experience of similar equipment, also will feel have answers, handy to operate. The emulsion pump station is used as the power source, and the hydraulic system is not required. With brake web type spring brake, the power is large, the precision and intensity of the guide rail are low, no power equipment is involved, and the equipment is safe and reliable. The equipment is small in size and light in weight. Size of standard product (length x width x height) : 980 x 0.58 * 0.68 (m). Easy to install. All parts can be disassembled and packed independently. The guide rail of any position self-locking is more fast and safe in installation, promotion and adjustment. .have extremely high cost performance. All the power sources used in this equipment (including emulsion and pump) are from the emulsion pump station of the mining face, and the hydraulic system is not required. The equipment can be modified in the existing cable haulage vehicle in each mine to minimize equipment investment.


TDY  —  150  

Traction: 100 KN.

Product type code: mining cable to hang single rail.

2. Main parameters.

L applicable roadway Angle: 0 ° ~ 18 °

Working medium: emulsion.

Working pressure: 16~20MPa.

Maximum traction: 100KN.

Passage stroke: 500mm (step 0-500mm, continuous walking)

Maximum operating speed: 80m/h.

L equipment work maximum Angle: plus or minus 18 °

L single track to adapt to changes in roadway slope: 5 ° / 3 m

L external emulsion working pressure: 20~31.5MPa.

Maximum static power of single braking device: 80KN.

L device appearance (long x height) : 0.52x0.65m.

L maximum trailer length: 150m.

Operation mode: manual.

Total weight: 6000Kg.

Orbit by circle chain hanging on the roof of roadway, with hinged bolts connection between orbit, connect the car with the hanging cable car and tail part of the cable car ring chain used in electric winch will form a deflection off straight cable, push cylinder is used to promote hung cable car, to form hung cable car cable deflection, in order to recycle. The function of the stop car is to prevent the trolley from forming a deflection when the brake fails in the upslope section.



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