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Mobile anti-dust spray gun

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Mobile anti-dust spray gun

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  • Release date:2018/05/09
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The zp-127 type of mine acoustic automatic spray dust removal device.

1 overview

Mine acoustic ZP - 127 type automatic spray dust device, automatic spray dust device controller, ZP - 127/36 ZP - 127 type spray dust device with acoustic sensors and actuators for mine explosion-proof solenoid valve and so on, the device using water spraying dust voice control, is suitable for the coal mine guns taken face, when the monitor to strong voice from shooting into the acoustic sensors, sensor control signals are given to the controller, the controller in relay control solenoid valve, water spraying dust on workplace.

Main technical indicators.

2.1 zp-127/36 automatic spray dust removal device controller.

A) input voltage: 127V/36V AC;

B) range of voltage fluctuation: 80%~120% of nominal value;

C) input control signal :(1~9) V;

D) deviation value of output voltage: + + 5% of the rated output value;

E) benan output: 9V/123mA;

Maximum input voltage: 152V; Maximum output voltage Uo: 9.3V;

Maximum output current Io: 123.0ma; Maximum external inductance Lo: 3.0mH;

Maximum external capacitor Co: 200uF;

F) size: 351 mm * 158 mm * 96 mm;

2.2 zp-127 spray dust removal device USES acoustic sensor.

A) working voltage: 9V DC (benan power supply);

B) working current: no more than 20mA;

C) input signal: acoustic signal;

D) output signal: level signal (0~5) V;

E) sensitivity: when the sensor receives A noise not less than 115dB (A), it shall have the signal output of (1 ~ 5) V;

F) size: 160 mm x 136.72 mm x 71.3 mm;

2.3 df4/6 mine explosion-proof solenoid valve.

A) input voltage: 127V/36V AC;

B) range of voltage variation: 80%~120% of nominal voltage nominal value;

C) power consumption: no more than 20W;

D) water pressure adaptation range :(0.2 ~ 7.0) MPa.


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