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Mechanical Atomized Evaporator.

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Mechanical Atomized Evaporator.

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Mechanical evaporation

Parkwater ® HV atomization evaporator application in industrial wastewater treatment, water and broken through the high-speed rotating impeller to 100 micron particle size small droplets, fog is formed, the use of the natural weather conditions for evaporation.

Parkwater ® mechanical atomizing evaporator is divided into two types:

1 subgrade evaporation: set up on the bank of evaporation pond, and vaporize the wastewater.

2. Floating evaporation: the equipment is installed on the buoy, installed on the surface of the evaporating pond, and atomized and vaporized.

* description: mechanical atomization evaporator installation position to ensure that all unevaporated liquids or contaminants are controlled to fall within the permissible limits.

Measures of HV evaporation.

HV atomized evaporator is widely used in the field of zero discharge. The evaporation system has low investment and low processing cost in zero emission process.

We can provide a complete set of sewage solutions, from site site analysis to the remote control system of the device. System monitoring atomization evaporator droplet size and environmental data, on the basis of monitoring data adjust the parameters of each spray evaporator, make its maximum working efficiency, at the same time control the scope of its water mist flowing within the operating area.

Our evaporative systems are used in many fields, including mining, petrochemicals, food, wood processing, power industries and municipal sewage treatment plants.


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