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Air feed Sprayer.

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Air feed Sprayer.

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  • Release date:2018/05/08
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I. product features:

L structure compact, reasonable layout, fine workmanship, perfect configuration, good operation performance;

With a long range, large coverage area, small fog particles and contact with floating dust, a kind of humid mist can be formed, which can quickly reduce dust suppression and sink.

High working efficiency, quick spraying speed, strong penetrating power and adhesion to the dust, effectively saving water consumption and reducing environmental pollution;

L remote control/electronic control compatible, quick start, safe, convenient and cost-effective;

High working efficiency, wide range of application, rotation of control level of micro motor, control pitch Angle of hydraulic system, and quick change of Angle;

Compared with other dust suppression spraying equipment, the l water consumption can be 70% ~ 80%(spraying gun, sprinkler), and the dust cover area is far greater than that of other anti-dust spraying equipment.

L power use three phase 380V power supply.

Ii. Scope of application:

It is suitable for dust removal, dust suppression and cooling in the environmental protection industry, coal and other material storage yard, unloading port, unloading port, wharf and steel plant, etc. Public places or landfills spraying drugs, etc.

Iii. Main configuration:

System frame, 18.5kw axial flow fan with special spray cylinder, high-pressure plunger pump configuration 11kw motor, electric control system, remote control system, etc.

There are voltage, current, frequency meter, phase pressure test button, fan opening, wind mechanism, medicine pump opening, medicine pump, up, down, left and right button.

Iv. Main technical parameters:

Pump working pressure: 2.0~ 3.5pa.               Air volume after 990 m/h

Wind 1080 pa                                                    Range: 60-180 - m

Traffic: 60 l ~ 118 l                                            Fog granularity: 50~200um.

Pitching Angle: - 10 ° to 45 °                           Horizontal rotation: 320 °


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