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Horizontal Sprayer

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Horizontal Sprayer

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I. product introduction.

Kcs-150 high range spray fan detailed description:

1. Scope of application: environmental protection industry, mining, coal storage yard, open storage yard, outdoor dust treatment; Local dust pollution control of truck unloading port, closed coal, ore dump and mechanical operation; Coal dust pollution, steel plant dust treatment engineering, power plant, coke, coal washing plant and other dust pollution control.

2. Product features: wide range, wide coverage, capable of precision spraying, strong power, high efficiency and quick spraying speed; When the dust particles are dust, the droplets are small, and when the dust is in contact with the floating dust, a kind of damp mist can be formed, which can quickly suppress the dust and sink the dust. The auxiliary power is flexible, which can be used for the power supply of the diesel generator set. It can be fixed on the concrete pouring platform, and the diesel generator set can be installed on the transport vehicle. Operate flexibly, use safe and reliable, remote control and manual control operation, can control the rotation spray Angle at will; Compared with other dust suppression spraying equipment, the water consumption can be 70% ~ 80%(spraying gun, sprinkler), and the dust cover area of water mist is far greater than that of other anti-dust spraying equipment.

Ii. Technical parameters:

KCS - type 400/150

The mine USES a wet - type dust - removing high - range spray fan.

Horizontal Range

          ≥ 150m



Pump pressure


The fog particle size


Wind pressure


Air volume


Horizontal rotation Angle

Remote control


Pitch Angle remote control.


Protection Grade

        No less than IP55

The Control Mode

Remote control/automatic/remote.

Power plant

         The choose and buy

Diesel generator set


The size of the fog gun(L*W*H)


Unit size



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