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HV12B Atomized Evaporator

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HV12B Atomized Evaporator

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HV 15B atomized evaporator.

Summary of a.

HV15B atomized evaporator is a kind of roadbed equipment. The design of the equipment is simple and stable and reliable. There is no restriction on the size of the pool in operation. It is especially suitable for water containing large particles or highly corrosive water. HV15B is durable, easy to operate and easy to maintain. It is a reliable solution for difficult water.

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Flexible operation: the HV15B atomized evaporator can be placed vertically or slanted on the edge of the storage pool by manually lowering or raising the atomized evaporator arm. The equipment can operate under any wind condition, because the blowback has no effect on the operation of the equipment.

High performance: the optimal water droplet form produced by the rotation of high speed fan blades is good for water evaporation. The annual evaporation rate is as high as 70%, and the average evaporation rate is usually between 25% and 60%. The rate of evaporation depends on many factors, including ambient temperature, relative humidity, water composition and wind power.

Simple maintenance: HV15B is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. The machine itself does not need to be lubricated weekly.

Not easy to jam: HV15B atomized evaporator can pass through a particle with a diameter of 5mm. This generally does not require prefiltration, reduces the prefiltration process, and reduces the problem of congestion.

Strong guarantee: this product design has been tested for 10 years in industrial and extreme outdoor environments. The key parts of the product are made of stainless steel, which can prolong the life of the product in the harsh environment.

【 characteristics 】

The height adjustment is flexible: according to the transformation of the wind, the height of the atomized evaporator can be adjusted flexibly, and the rotation speed of the rotating disc can be adjusted to adjust the shape and time of the fog drop to improve the evaporation efficiency.

Process manufacturing: stainless steel control panel, motor housing, manifold and fan blades. Increase product durability and service life.

High sensitive vibration sensor: timely turn off the motor and protect the equipment before the catastrophic failure or ice accumulation.

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2. Technical parameters.

1. Fan and supervisor configuration.

N stainless steel fan: a patent fan of 12 blades with a diameter of 20 inches; N stainless steel shell: protects fan motor and improves cooling; N vibration motor sensor: turn off the motor when the fan is unbalanced.

2. Bracket, platform and base.

N fans stand upright in the air, 20 feet high; N galvanized steel frame and stainless steel fasteners; N has a base of 8 'X 8'; N 1 ton concrete weight system; N easy to use jack to improve and reduce sprinkler head.

3. The water system

N stainless steel spray, each equipment capacity is 66 GPM (250 LPM) at 100 PSI (7 bar) water pressure, n according to constant changing weather conditions use ball valve to control the flow of manifold.

4. The power

N25 HP high efficiency fan motor; N of the fan motor speed is 3600 RPM is 480 v, 3 phase power, 60 hz or 2900 RPM to 400 v, 50 hz motor etc, choose a suitable motor based on conditions in the field, n stainless steel control panel to start and stop button, n150 feet (45 M) power line.

5. Optional configuration

N for the application of acidic or alkaline water, choose stainless steel material and acid proof coating, selection of n180 degrees of rotation of the movable arm, Y series of manual cleaning dirt filter, n automation equipment, according to the wind speed and wind direction, temperature, humidity, automatic shutdown and startup of atomization evaporator.


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